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280ZX Frame Rails - Any Volunteers?


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First.. sorry for my off- topic  answer..

4 hours ago, gnosez said:

We tried to make a serious offer of free ZX frame rails (a heck of lot more complex than the straight forward 240-280 rails) in exchange for help getting the fitment right. Perhaps we should have made the offer on another Z related website.

I'm restoring a 280zx 2+2.. but the framerails are in good condition.. also.. i don't think i can help seen the distance i'm on..  Over here the 280zx is a very rare car.. there were few sold overhere..  

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I am a new member - very glad to have found this site.  I am the proud owner of a rather tired 1980 280ZX.  Unfortunately, she is still in St. Louis - in storage.  It is my intention to pick the car up later this summer (as soon as this virus event passes).  Soon thereafter, I will be replacing the rails.  To this point, I had intended to fabricate them myself.  It is my intention to power the thing with a 400cu.in. small block Chevy.  Consequently, your 13ga frame rails (possibly other products) may be just the ticket.  I understand your prototypes will be of lighter stock - only, I am not sure if my delivery schedule will fit with your plans.  Still, as you are considering manufacturing them yourself, I would like to enlist your concern - and learn how we may schedule the work.  I too am in Massachusetts.  If you would, please contact me at your convenience.  

Thank you for your time and consideration.  



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Forgive my ignorance.  I am not familiar with the PM process on this site.  I will look again tomorrow for instructions re: this issue.  Should tomorrow be a bad day for you (Sunday), I can follow up on Monday morning.  Thank you for your response.  

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