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There are a few odds and ends that my 72 240Z is missing that don't seem to be listed in catalogs. If anyone has any of the following available for sale or knows where to get them cheap I'd appreciate it. I have seen some of this stuff on EBay but am not yet comfortable with getting stuff that way. I would trust people here more.

Engine compartment inspection lamp

Luggage straps

Fuse box cover plate (mine is damaged; a previous owner snipped all of the wires; I'm guessing there's a choke warning lamp, seatbelt lamp, and defroster switch)

Things I have seen in catalogs but seem quite expensive:

Dome lamp assembly

Glove box interior (fell apart on me years ago trying to fix clock)

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I think I've got a dome lamp and fuse box cover in my parts car, as soon as our monsoon season is over I'll go take a look.

Andy Russell, [email protected] has the engine bay lamps for a decent price brand new, but the cargo straps will be a hard one to find... new ones are practically non-existant and used ones are, well, used and faded.....

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One problem I had on ebay several times was so called "new" items that are not used but are definitely too old to be useful(new/old caliper rebuild kit whose ancient piston seal caused it to jam and destroyed my piston, new in box gas shocks that were so old they'd lost most of their pressurization, "new" printer cartridge that was three years past expiration date and dry as a bone. It's best not to bid on anything that has a limited shelf life. Many sellers have an interesting idea of what "new" means. Ebay is definitely a mixed bag. And as previous post said, try to stick with sellers who have a good positive to negative feedback ratio and who have sold quite a few items. History means alot on Ebay. Victor.

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I have had pretty good luck on E-bay but agree its a mixed bag. I have met some really nice parts sellers on E-bay and they usually have their own websites. Engine lamps are real common and I have a couple. One is brand new for a 72 and later, e-mail me. Luggage straps can be expensive and they are always used meaning re-plate the hardware and sew new strap material. Try [email protected] (MidwestZ) and Banzai Motorworks. My list of part sources includes fourteen different businesses so far.

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