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David F

Fuel pump issues - Elec pump controller

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I am having fuel pump issues on my 72 Z.  I have three fuel pump, one old OEM and two new look-a-likes.  The two new pumps pumped a few hours then quit.  Sit them on the bench a while and they may pump again for a short duration.  Anyway, I have three pumps that I don't trust, so I purchased an electric pump (stock carbs).  But, I have not installed the electric pump yet because I have not decided how I want to ensure the pump stops when the engine dies.  So, I found this:


Has anyone used the above controller.  Looks like a good solution and super easy to install. I would mount it behind the radio.

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Thanks, I have read that write-up and want to avoid all the added wires/relays and oil pressure sensor under the hood.  I think with the referenced controller, at the worst, I would have to run one wire to the coil. The rest would be existing right behind the radio.

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