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S12.. Toyoya front brake caliper

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what are the letter number stamped on a 79 to 85 toyota four wheel drive pick-up front brake caliper that will fit the 72 240z front brake? i saw one of the post here that say "S12", is it the only stamped letter number that will work on a 72 240z? or does it matter what the stamped is as long as it is for 79 to 85 toyota four wheel drive pick-up?


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sorry dont know the number but i believe any hilux 4x4 caliper from the period you quoted will fit only difference them to the later calipers is taht the later claipers are for ventliated discs

To go on solid discs you need the earlier calipers


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The one marked S12(79-84) work with the stock solid discs on the 240.

The ones marked S12W are the later calipers that will work only with the later ZX vented rotors. I believe these came on the later 4x4's and FourRunners.

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I was considering converting my 240z to these but I have concerns about the upsprung weight factor. I went to a local wrecker when my friend was picking up parts for his Yoda and asked about getting a set of these. He recommended I stayed away from them because of how heavy they are what opinions do you guys share and is there really any benefit to using these over the 2 pot ones? I don't see the benefit in having them really if your using the non vented discs as brake fade is a major issue with these cars.

I have heard of good combinations using 300zx calipers and toyota GT4 Rotors?

Obviously it's gonna cost more but if your gonna upgrade the brakes why not get something that will really tear the tarmac to pieces.

If your like me than brakes are an important part of your car.


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Gavin I upgraded to the non ventilated calipers first and found with good pads they where much better but as the need for speed all ways need to stop quicker so i went with the later ventilated hilux calipers on falcon discs

you can actually buy Skyline Gtr pads ( theres a great range of pads avilable to suit the GTR ) and use them in these calipers with carbon pads it stops on a dime now

Only down side was flat spotting front the first time I used them for a go to whoa

It all comes down to budget and use of vechile solid on calipers with good pads are big improvement for $150 au calipers and $200 pads cheap bolt on upgrade $350

Ventilated calipers still $150 per set $400 pads $200 discs machine work for new caliper mount $250 total $1000 but front brakes as good as you will get inside a 15 inch wheel

Regards Mick

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