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3.5 L tt ecoboost swap


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I acquired a Camaro 3.6L LFX engine and 6L50 AT salvaged from my wife's car after she was rear-ended. The direct injection engine is somewhat unique in that it has exhaust manifolds incorporated into the heads and simple downpipes coming out of each side. The engine puts out 323HP on regular gas and the LFX/6L50 combo weighs less than the Z engine alone. A mild tune can lay 300HP at the rear wheels.

When I acquired the drive train, I had planned on installing it in 240Z or 260Z but could not find a sound shell at the time. There is gobs of room in a Z. As proof, I ended up installing them in a 2011 Miata with virtually zero firewall modification or other body welding.

These engines are readily available and now stand alone wire harnesses are available from V8 Roadsters. 



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I’m waiting to get into the custom exhaust shop and then get the ac lines connected.

Found a guy who makes custom gateways that allows the GM CANBUS talk to the Miata CANBUS to drive the OEM instrument panel. With the hood closed, it will look completely stock. Also added a 2 DIN android tablet so I can run Torque Pro.

Formulas found by a Google search say it should 0-60 in around 4.0 seconds.

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