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Looking for a radiator


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I bought one from Advance Auto, brass 3 row that a ZX full shroud bolts right up with.  Big difference in directing all the pull onto the motor.

I always use retailmenot.com and get a coupon code for an online discount at Advance, usually at least 25% sometimes 30%.  The last one I bought for my 240 was $108.

Happy motoring! :victorious:

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I just picked up this nice looking radiator in a parts buy. If you are looking for used, a few dings in the front fins.

It is a APDI 8010634, and seems to be a very common parts store or online replacement, 3 core 75-78 @$200 + if you are looking for a new one.



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10 minutes ago, rcb280z said:

I can't seem to make up my mind whether I want an OE or aluminum one. How much do you want for it? 

Are you the guy that scored on a bunch of parts from a recent craigslist add? If so, glad to see it went to a club member.

My recent purchase was from a Hybrids member near Seattle. He is moving and didn't have the time to list everything separate.  I picked a junkyard 240Z that was on CL recently too.

I was thinking about $125 shipped (shipping to LA area was about $40 in a well packed box)

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