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Can fiberglass be affected by high Heat?


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I just noticed that the rear fiberglass bumper on my 78' 280z rests(in contact with) on the tail pipe of the stock muffler. I haven't driven it much yet but will this cause any warping or cracking? I know paint blemishes in the area are inevitable.

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I don't know what kinds of temperatures fiberglass can withstand but the entire exhaust system can get very hot. I think you're very much in danger of melting the fiberglass. It doesn't seem like there should be any contact, however. Why is the bumper so low? Can you upload a picture?

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It would take red hot metal or a flame to warp the fiberglass.

If your fiberglass is 'rubbing' on the tail pipe viberations from the exhaust & the road could cause it to crack. I would move one or the other a little so they don't touch!

Even with them touching....... NO fire hassard.

- Jeff

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