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Help tracing VIN for 78 280Z

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Sorry, I don't know what the Datsun decoder is.  Most states have a lost title process at their DMV.  I would call your local DMV office and explain the situation.  If it's in your father's name and you're his son, there's probably a simple estate transfer procedure.  I'm sure that your situation is common.

Sorry to hear about your father.  Good luck.

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You have a dilemma.  Pretty sure that the DMV of the state of registration would have that.  Could also be that your father changed titles but didn't register the car.  Seems like all roads lead to the DMV.

I don't know that I've seen a DMV program that will give owner information anyway, just by plugging in a VIN.  Do they do that?

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Where in Texas are you? Texas is normally not awful to deal with, better in a small town than a big city. Some states wash cars out of the registration after a certain number of years. There should be 4 locations for the VIN on a 280Z I believe. The data plate on the passenger side strut tower under the hood, the dash, the drivers side door jamb and the engraving on the firewall above the brake booster. Do they all match? If they do fine. If they don't try the one from the firewall...

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