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Has anyone ever shipped an engine? I need to have one shipped from CA, zip 94523, to TX, zip 78613. About how much should this cost? Who should I contact about shipping it? Any information and recomendations would be great!!! I don't even know where to begin...

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Try to find someone who has access to Truck Freight through their company. Then get the person who sold it to you to crate it properly, and that means also removing all the oils, and then deliver it to the dock of the trucking company you are working with.

Have them fill out the Bill of Lading showing that you're shipping Collect on Account to Account Holder's address. Ask the guy at the company who deals with the trucking lines, he'll know exactly what you need to tell the guy who's shipping and how to get billed the lowest rate.


You could just contact the trucking company directly and pay FULL retail price. (not a good idea).


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Like EScanlon suggested, I would find a machine shop "friend" or someone at a dealership that might help you out. They usually get a better rate than an individual can from one of the larger freight companies... I've had an engine shipped to me in the past along with some other large items and shipping was not bad at all, less than 200 coast to coast.

Try a freight outfit such as Roadway, ABF, Yellow, Red Star, and if their rates are a bit high, try one of the larger non-union outfits such as Con-Way, or whichever one of their subsidiaries they have in Texas now, CCX or whichever.

Ca to Texas shouldn't cost much more than 100 bucks depending on the carrier.

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Well, don't take the 100 dollar quote to heart... it's just a wild guess... but the main thing is, it will depend on who is carrying it....:ermm:

Make sure it's crated good, some of these carriers are a bit rough in their handling... I know, I used to work for Overnight Transp...:cross-eye

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