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240Z spares

Krys D

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I have a set of 15X10 modular wheels, Four bolt pattern, from my GT-2 240Z. They currently have a set of 235x11x15 Hoosier slicks, scuffed only. I also have a set of Sharp front fenderswith flares (fiberglass) in fair to good condition.

one set of seats (excellent), black leather.

right front fender with headlight bucket, Excellent, NO RUST.

heater and blower


fiberglass "whale tail"

various interior panels (no door) all in black

check with me, I may have what you need.

Krys Dean

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Krys Dean:

I am looking for the following parts for a 1973 Datsun 240Z:

1. The center console:

By this I mean the part with the ash tray in it. The part that goes around the gear shift. The rubber boot that also fits around the gear shift. All three parts I have are cracked.

2. The hydraulic arm for the hatch. The one I had stuck in the open position and I had to remove it to get the hatch to close.

Please advise.


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I know your parts post is a little dated (I just found this site last week) but if you still have the windshield I am interested in its condition and vintage. I'm restoring my '71 and my original windshield has one rock ding and is generally just "sand blasted".



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I have no clue about the shipping cost, although I shipped a pair of big block ford heads to Penn. and I believe it cost about $40 per head, the seats ar half the weight or less, but bulkier.

The vinyl is OEM


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