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Let's build us a club race car ?

Caen Fred

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Why don't we get together to build the ultimate race car?

We have all the knowledge, brain and talent to do so. We are a lot on this site, so a few buck each for a real adventure?

What a way to get toghether around a nice project with our club flag on it.

Here what I think, let's plan to run a car in the 2004 Panam race in Mexico... it's open enough to express our wildest dream...

Any imputs welcome... Fred

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Mmm... that could quite possibly turn into a very good publicity idea, not to mention the fun involved in driving it!

The only bad thing is I think it'd end up being built by Mike and the gang in the USA because after all that's where the majority of members come from! Although I took your idea as building up a pre-designed chassis/body car. If you are suggesting we build one up from absolutely scratch......... well I can sketch pretty good :stupid: LOL

There are enough members reasonably close together in the US but I can't see it happening in any other place than there... except for perhaps Adelaide! ROFL

Is a good idea though :) At school we started building a Locost (Lotus 7 Replica) but it wasn't finished by the time my class graduated... we built the chassis and suspension components up and took out the engine from the half-cut we bought, but there's still a lot left to be done!

Lots of fun, probably more designing it all from absolutely nothing, and it isn't that expensive if you do it yourself! What I would like to see is a little Lotus replica thing with a 13B Turbo engine in it. Perfect engine I would have thought...

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Once the car is built, nothing wrong about going for a world tour...

There must be great open racing around...

Yes it would have to be built in the sate, but imputs could be world wide, no?

Maybe we should use the work setup in order to be abble to enter race worldwide...

1 pan-am

2 US vintage race

2 Le Mans Classic

3 Good-wood

4 Spa vintage

4 Aussie race

5 ...

all we need is a go...:bunny: :bunny:

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Is this gonna be a rally or circuit car and must it be road legal as most organisers stipulate ?

Could each continent produce one ?

Fred, if you think that I'm gonna let you loose on mine until after you've proven yourself at Karting...

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If your not already caged then you may want to re-consider.

ROP regulations in the CAMS manual require a certified engineered cage now-a-days.

Good bye more dollars [last quote was 3K], don't forget the National Rally Licence as well and you can probably appreciate why many of us have dropped out of full time rallying.

Ah... the good old days and albatrosses.

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Full cage, I'm afraid, and engineers certificate.

Depending on the event you will need a

2NS, 2S or Rally Licence.

The GP Rally required 2NS, whist the Forest Classic requires a 2S, can't figure that one out and will be speaking to the event checker about it tonite.

Forest events at State Level require a NRL and car must be caged, Club Introductory 2S and no cage, whilst International such as Targa, [not sure where the Classic Adelaide fits here] require International.

Bring back the good old days........

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i was thinking more targa road events, i dont want to cover my paint job in to many stone chips! i was pretty geared up to run in this years east coast classic with my car as is. it only requires a CAMS 2 licence, but the touring class ( no cage ) has a course speed limit! thats why i was looking at a cage but im not to keen on having the tubes run through the ends my dashboard.

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No intl licence needed...

driven by American in USA

Aussie in Australia

Brits in UK

French in 'HELL???????'ROFL ROFL ROFL

One of the thing that could be done is a ground-up rebuilding, with lots of picts and explanation on the site... Chapter after chapter, month after month... We would all learn from this.

It's not about driving, we mostly have (will have) a Z that's runing on it's one. It's more about a nice project and advertising for a great site with the best peoples from ALL OVER THE WORLD :love:

So who is in, I want names: ...

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Originally posted by Caen Fred

all we need is a go...

And some pretty good financial sponsors. :D

I considered taking my '71 project and turning it into a club car. No problem, but, just not sure where to get the money to finish it right.

See my project HERE.

-- Mike :bunny:

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