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Fs5W71C Rebuild Question

Alan Roberson

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Hi all, I am in the middle of rebuilding my 5 sp. trans (FS5W71C) . I am stuck at getting the OD gear bushing off - it's just about the last thing I need to get off to be able to replace a noisy main bearing. Anybody have any experience with this problem? Do I press on the main shaft and the other side of the adapter plate or do I try to get behind the reverse gear on the shaft? Heat it up with a torch? Thanks!

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Hi AlanH,


I take it you are at step 13 in the FSM photo and the photo of the main shaft and adapter plate.?

post-25317-0-91152700-1424004526_thumb.j post-25317-0-80269100-1424006184_thumb.j


I had a similar challenge. The FSM just says "Remove", but how??? It wasn't being very friendly to me either.

I ended up using a home made bearing puller to get it off. The el-cheapo bearing puller set I had would not fit, not long enough. It did need some effort to get it to release, but after that it came off easily. The above photo was just after it released and I removed the bearing puller.



Heating it with a heat gun (not a gas torch) can make it easier. Thats my experience on the B and C transmissions. I mention don't use a torch because it can overheat and distort the gear making it unusable.



PS: If your bush looks anything like the one it the photo, you will need a new one. That dull finish will cause whining in 5th gear. I replaced it.

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