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Will Later Vented Disks Fit My 240?


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Hey guys, I've searched this out and I don't seem to be finding a very clear answer. I've been working on maintaining my car and I've decided my next focus should be brakes before playing with much else. I need rotors, and have been reading a little into the S12-8 calipers with vented rotors. I guess my real question right off of the bat, is if later year vented disks will fit on 240Z hubs? Or if I'd be better off buying ZX struts for the front? 

Just to clarify, my brakes are working okay at the moment, as everything has been replaced (short of the hoses, but I'll be doing that soon.) 

This summer/spring once I get my L28 together and swapped, I'm hoping to do some mountain runs on what we call the tail of the dragon, which is some intense down hill curves. My concern is with heat in the brakes with non-vented rotors. For reliabilities sake, I'd obviously like to get rid of as much heat as possible, so vented rotors with bigger calipers are really what I want. I suppose I'm trying to find the best way to go about doing this. 


I AM buying 'Yota calipers soon (I can get them for next to nothing from work) but It's really down to which rotors I'm buying at the same time. 



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I thought about it but didn't.  Reading Blue's tips had me thinking that they would work with OE size rotors but I was just wanting to stop reasonably quick.  here's his write up, http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/toyotabrakeupgrade/index.html


here's what i bought from chain stores for around $200.  Slotted and drilled rotors reman calipers and a can of red paint.  Also bought the stainless hoses from the calipers to the hard lines.



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Awesome so what I gather is that Z31 rotors are a bolt in replacement for the stock rotors, however vented requires the S12-8 Calipers from the later (91) trucks. 

I guess I need to decide if the damn vented rotors and calipers are going to fit with my new wheels. (SSR MK3.) 14x7

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2 hours ago, 240ZX said:

Just a thought....I installed stock 280ZX front calipers on the 240 oem mounts with vented 300ZX rotors cut down (OD) to fit. Works well!!!

I have heard of this upgrade a long time ago. I think iirc it was done with the maxima rear disc brake setup. I think he kept the original proportioning valve as well. Can you give more details on your setup and maybe photo's. Does it work with the 14" wheels when you turn down the rotors?

 A lot of "upgrades" won't work with yhe 14" wheels.

Im always carefull calling them upgrades. Poeple say the brake so much better, but then they often compare it to a clapped out original system that needed a rebuild anyway.


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