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240Z From Melbourne Australia


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Hi guys,


Just wanted to post and say g'day from Melbourne Australia and say what a great site you guys have here. Ive read some articles on the forums from time to time and have found it so informative so thanks. So Ive just purchased a 240K Kenmeri skyline about a month ago but also own a 73 240z.


I learned to drive in 260 2+2 when i was younger and sold her many years ago so when the opportunity came up to get back into a zed a year ago i jumped at it BUT in a 240s this time.


After a bit of refreshing - new cylinder head, new wheels, interior and some exterior add ons this is how she turned out. Took a while but with the new head and triples on the L28 it made all the difference. Ive just got to install some t3 front coil-overs on her to drop her about an inch to 1/2 inch in the front then she will pretty much be finished to my liking.


On the Kenmeri I'll be doing a auto to manual conversion and a similar engine setup as the 240z L28 etc etc...


Thanks for having us on the forums.













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Thanks guys! Yes very lucky to live in Melbourne indeed. Jim the Barossa Shiraz is the best I reckon..... Your on to a good thing. Dis yes funny you mention it saw a couple the other evening coming home from the folks :) like flies to a blue light... :)

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