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  1. A while back I built a listings page for 240Zs on my website, ZCarGuide and got some really good response from it so I decided to continue working on it. I've been working on a more complete listing page that includes 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX and 300ZX. It's not complete yet, but it's pretty full of fresh listings if you're looking for a Z-car for sale. I'd really appreciate it if you could take a second to check out the listings page (and my site in general). https://zcarguide.com/datsun-nissan-z-cars-for-sale/ Thanks! -- Mark
  2. Hi guys. I just wrote a dashboard repair guide for my website, ZCarGuide.com! Take a look and let me know what you think. https://zcarguide.com/repair-dashboard-datsun-z/ Thanks! Mark
  3. Wow, I listened to your clips and was very impressed. I am tempted to take your pictures and description to an exhaust shop and tell them I want exactly that and ask for a quote. If they can actually do that for $200-400 then I'm down. Headers are expensive though so I have to consider that. I know better exhaust systems tend to increase performance. Would these changes make any kind of noticeable difference in power? Thanks!
  4. Hi Chuck. I'm having difficulty figuring out what size I'll need. What specification should I be Googling? Also, do you have any suggestions on a particular muffler or brand? I know Flowmaster is a good one.
  5. Hi. I don't know too much about exhaust systems really, but I would like to make my otherwise stock 71 240z slightly louder or really just better sounding. Ideally this would be something simple like changing out the muffler (which I can easily put back on later). I want to keep it as stock as possible but whatever changes I make I can easily reverse. What is a good way to achieve this? Thanks!
  6. Beautiful car and some awesome pictures you have of it. Are you a professional photographer or something?
  7. Thanks for all the comments everyone! The VIN is HLS30-20055. I have the paperwork at home with build date but I wont be home for another month.
  8. Thanks Chuck. Electronic ignition might not be a bad idea. I'm from Erie.
  9. Hi guys, I'm Mark. I'm from Pennsylvania, but I go to college in Maryland. I'm a sophomore in Computer Science. Through my dad, I've always been around cars. It feels like I grew up at a car show. He's spent his entire career in the auto industry as a dealer, and part of his dealership is a restoration shop. He also collects classic cars. I've always thought old cars looked cool, but I never quite "got it" until I learned to drive manual and he let me drive a 1970 Z/28 Camaro a few years ago, then it made sense. Since then I've really gotten into cars over the years. This past summer I worked in the restoration shop and fell even more in love with these cars. A few months ago I watched this video which I'm sure all of you guys have seen, and I fell in love with the 240Z instantly. I spent the next few months watching videos and reading about the car. I was surprised by how cheap they were, or at least compared to the American Muscle cars I was more familiar with. They were fast but still also had reliability Japanese cars were known for. I wanted to buy one of my own. I've made some money running a few successful websites and I also run a little phone repair business on campus at school, and I thought I could justify spending some of that on something as cool as a 240Z. Every year my dad sells cars at Barrett Jackson on Arizona. This year, that lined up with my winter break from school, so I flew out there for the auction. I found an ad for a one-owner, all original (even paint!) 1971 240Z with 70K miles just an hour from the auction. I convinced my dad to drive up with me to look at the car. He tried to tell me not to get excited, 9 times out of 10 cars are just not as described. The car was spectacular. No rust, extremely clean, meticulously cared for, paint just needed buffing, and the owner kept every piece of paperwork imaginable. He had the original window sticker, and there were maintenance/repair receipts dating back to the 80s from the same shop. He even had the original "Another Redlands Datsun" license plate holder. It was amazing. My dad and I got in the car to test drive and he turned to me and said "If you're not buying this, I am." We discussed price with the owner for a moment and I ended up buying it. I got a great deal and I couldn't have bought it from a better guy. He said he was happy it was going to someone who would enjoy it as much as he did for the last 43 years. I couldn't stop smiling for the hour drive back. It was just such a fun car to drive, and most importantly, it was my car now. I wouldn't say it has any "problems", but just a few things to be taken care of. It needs a new rear hatch strut, and the ignition switch sort of locks up frequently. I'll just take it to a locksmith and have him replace the tumblers or something. Like I said, paint needs polishing and buffing and there are a few door dings. I also had an issue with the clutch at the end of driving back, but it turned out just the slave cylinder was leaking. I just bought a new one for $30 from ZCarSource.com, as they turned out to be only 20 minutes away from the auction, which my dad got a kick out of. I also have a few plans for some anti-theft stuff, some of which needs installation. It will stay completely stock, which seems to be pretty unique in itself with these cars. I plan on doing all this over spring break and then driving back to school. It's 5 hours highway driving and I have a garage I can park it in at school. At the end of the day, I bought this car to enjoy, not worry about all the time. I'm going to drive it conscientiously and take care of any issues the moment the arise, just the way it's been since 1971. Thanks for reading, here are a few pictures.
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