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  1. Hi there Thanks no credit goes to my good friend Dale at mracek productions here in Melbourne. His work is just simply amazing! Cheers Al
  2. AJ thanks very much for that! Id really appreciate it. ill PM you now cheers
  3. Thanks guys for the info I'll Make sure I check it once it's installed cheers
  4. Thanks Zed head. I thought it would be the case but i thought id check before i do anything. Cheers
  5. Hi Quick question for those in the know. I've got an early e88 head with 1mm shave. I took all my n42 head towers cam etc and have placed them on this head done the blue printing etc etc. my question is will the head have sufficient lubrication with the N42 cam towers and internal oiling cam?? Are the oil journals in the head cast suited to the application? Or should I put a oiler bar on? If anyone could shed some knowledge that would be great. Cheers Al
  6. Thanks guys! Yes very lucky to live in Melbourne indeed. Jim the Barossa Shiraz is the best I reckon..... Your on to a good thing. Dis yes funny you mention it saw a couple the other evening coming home from the folks like flies to a blue light...
  7. Hoybo Thanks for all the good info. Ive picked up a master and slave cylinder and installed the master already so those parts aren't a drama but id love to see a pic or 2 of someones manual set up. I understand the clutch stopper and spring bit as well so thank you for pointing me in the right direction. Ill go hunt down a pedal from some where. In regards to obtaining a circlip and pin for the end of the pedal rod where the clutch attaches to does anyone know where i can get them?? Would a Z or another datsun have a similar set up?? Thanks for all the info guys. Al
  8. Thanks Nix! A couple of more things to be done and then she will be there
  9. Thanks George i look forward to being a part of it all!
  10. Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has a spare clutch pedal for a 240K with the spring... or can i just use a brake pedal from a 240K??? Also after the pin and circlip that goes through the end of the master cylinder push rod bracket. Any ideas on this part??? Will a 240Z or 260z one do the same job??? If you can help please PM me here or contact me at [email protected] Thanks again guys Al
  11. Thanks for the info Yamahacam. Well now to find someone that will make that stopper...... In regards to the pedals i thought id just shave the auto brake pedal down to size but can i use another brake pedal as the clutch pedal as they seem to look the same except for the bend in the frame?? Also if anyone has a manual set up and sometime could they please take a photo or 2 of the set up it would be greatly appreciated?? Thanks guys Al
  12. Hi guys, Just wanted to post and say g'day from Melbourne Australia and say what a great site you guys have here. Ive read some articles on the forums from time to time and have found it so informative so thanks. So Ive just purchased a 240K Kenmeri skyline about a month ago but also own a 73 240z. I learned to drive in 260 2+2 when i was younger and sold her many years ago so when the opportunity came up to get back into a zed a year ago i jumped at it BUT in a 240s this time. After a bit of refreshing - new cylinder head, new wheels, interior and some exterior add ons this is how she turned out. Took a while but with the new head and triples on the L28 it made all the difference. Ive just got to install some t3 front coil-overs on her to drop her about an inch to 1/2 inch in the front then she will pretty much be finished to my liking. On the Kenmeri I'll be doing a auto to manual conversion and a similar engine setup as the 240z L28 etc etc... Thanks for having us on the forums. Cheers Al
  13. Hi guys, How are you?? First of all id like to say gday as im new around here and recently purchased a 240K coupe. I just had to say what a great little forum here. Im doing my 240k up into a GTR and i apologise in advance as i know this has been done to death but....its question about my current pedal box in my coupe. So being a auto and doing all the reading from this website and others im going to finally do the conversion. The hardest part is the pedal box im lead to believe..... BUT i got under my dash tonight and found a nice surprise and just wanted to confirm first that in fact im already set up to accept the clutch pedal....... It looks like it has been modified under there or factory stock not sure.... I just want to make sure first as i have heard of some coupes coming setup ready to bolt in the clutch pedal. If its the case im stoked! If anyone has a photo of there manual setup and can post a photo that would be greatly appreciated. If anyone could help that would be great weather it be bad or good news Heres some photos. I apologise for the blurriness of the photos Thanks for looking
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