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what do you guys think?


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I think I saw this one just the other day, maybe I just saw your post...I can't remember. Where is this car at? If you don't buy it someone else may be interested...like maybe me. :classic:

For $1000....what's wrong with it??? Not to be negative but I've been shopping for a Z and for that price all I have found are cars that don't run, are rather rusty, missing something (like an engine), etc. Now don't get me wrong, there are some decent Zs out there for this price (in CA for instance) but none near me.

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whats wrong is the rear is out and it needs axles and a drive shaft, but hell as clean as it is and for a 1000 id take it.

i called the guy though and he said he already had about 12 calls for the car and someone was supposed to be picking it up the next day:(

if that wasnt the case i was going to buy a freinds 280ZX and use the engine and driveline off of that for that Z, but buy a tow dolly and drive the both of them home.

i might have gotten lucky though if he wasnt busy and i could have did the work at his house.

oh well win some lose some


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i couldnt get no one to look at it for me. some even posted that if i gave a few dollars like 50 or a 100 i might get some more repsonses.

if i were going to pay that much id have a certified company do it.

all i was asking was someone close to look at it, not someone to drive 20 miles to check it out drive it and all the lot.

seems there arent that many that are willing to help theyre fellow Z brothers.

i mean i would have given a little something, you know because nothing is for free, that and when i talked to the guy the second time some things had changed and he sounded indifferent, not to mention he was hurrying me off the phone. that made me decide to let that one go.

im not in a rush nor will i be rushed into buying something. this green one though had lots of promise, hehe not to mention euro tail lights and panasports:devious:

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Yep, I know what you mean. If I don't like the owner and they act like an A_ _ then they probably didn't treat the car right either. It always makes me suspicious when the story starts changing.

There are lots of Z's for sale, take your time and get the right one.


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As far as a fellow Z-lover checking a car out, I had excellent help. I just asked on the "little" mail list from this site- Kyle Hageman and Darren Black drove about an hour (1 way) to check out a V-8 Z for me! Gave me a very accurate depiction, as well as a heap of digital pictures. Unfortunately, the car was way too beat for $4000, so i passed.

They did this for nothing, just to check out another Z... I did speak to Kyle & tried to get his address to mail a few bucks to buy a pizza and a case of beer, but he wouldn't take it.

I have to say I'd do the same for someone else, FWIW. Better luck next time, Jeremiah

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I have been fortunate enough to meet someone very nice on this board who lives in the same city as me. I have asked his advice on many many things and several cars and he has always been very helpful and nice. Even going beyond just answering my questions he will occasionally send me information on something he has seen. Thanx Bryan!

This is just the kind of person I have found to frequent this board. Even all my "stupid" questions are kindly answered and when I need a little more explanation someone here is always able to help.

I do not own a Z yet but even after I do I will continue to come here because of the wonderful people and wealth of helpful information. The people make the difference, if things were different I would question a lot of the information I have gathered but many of you seem very sincere and honest not the mention knowledgeable.

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! It just brings a tear to my eye... :cry:

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i had a friend like that. he went checked out the car, then not only did he do the purchasing for me he kept it in his own garage, while his other car sat outside:o

he gave the guy that i had bought the car from home, 35 minutes one way, helped me out making air cleaners for the carbs because there were none, didnt ask for a penny, helped me bleed the brakes with new fluid and also the clutch, and we did an oil change too for the trip.

he picked me up, at the airport, and really didnt want anything but the cost of parking a measly 5 dollars. i gave him 25 bucks and he kind of acted like he didnt want it.

after all was said and done before i left he even took me out to eat.

i am forever indebted to him, because he did so much just for someone that he didnt know or ever meet, just another fellow Z lover.

i told him the next time if im out his way dinners on me.

it just goes to show you how nice some people are. his name is jeff priddy, and he is one of the nicest people i know.

just had to let you all know.

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