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tet's start some stats here

Caen Fred

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tires (tyres) brand :

Type :

Size :

Wheel type and size :

review :

Why not start a Tire data sheet ?

I am first Fred 240z :classic:

tires (tyres) brand : Yokohama

Type : avs

Size : 225x60x14

Wheel type and size : Wolfrace 7'

review : I don't know, where on the car suposed to be good

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Steet Set:

tires (tyres) brand : Yokohama

Type : AVS Intermediates

Size : 225/50/15

Wheel type and size : Panasport 15 X 7

review : Very grippy for a non comp tire....but also very stiff.

Track Set:

tires (tyres) brand : Hhumo

Type : Ecsteca 700

Size : 225/50/14

Wheel type and size : Slotmag 14X7

review : VERY VERY grippy...great auto-X tire

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tires (tyres) brand : 240z- Bf goodrich , 280Z Yokohama

Type : 215/60R14

Size :240-Radial T/A. 280-YK420

Wheel type and size :240- slotted aluminum mags 14x6?, 280- american racing 14x?

review : 240- good daily driver tire with good trac over stock.

280z-ditto. but these are seemed better than the T/A when I tried them on my 240.

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I just replaced my old BOB JANE rear 205's with Khumo 'Powermax 769' 215/70s. I only drive on the street and haven't driven much since I got them, but compared to the old Bob Jane cheapest-thing-you-can-get tyre, they're awesome. So bloody sticky, you won't get the rearend of the car out unless you try very hard, even in the wet. They're utterly fantastic. Now I'm not afraid of driving in the wet! (the old tyres were like trying to drive on an oil slick...

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