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240k Race car - GTR tribute


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No we used existing wiring with some modifications (it was already modified to run a 280Z ignition, which we pulled out and replaced with Mallory distributor and MSD). The dash was already cut to fit the roll cage, all we did was get it recovered. You need to cut the dash to get the roll cage set hard up against the pillars otherwise it sticks out too much.

Thanks for your comments 240kfreak-we tried really hard to be as close as possible to the GTR while still retaining the 240K flavour and the NZ motorsport rules without ruining it.

Just got a polish from a passionate expert so took some photos in the sun, so will post up a couple more later.

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The sound your car makes is amazing!!

We pulled the restrictor out of the exhaust last week - now it sounds even better!

I am putting together a full build thread on the Z club site in New Zealand, only halfway through at the moment so keep an eye on it if you want to see the step by step.

Mike's 240K to GTR Replica Build

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Well we have just put the final touches on the car and took it for a quick road test. All seems good. Goes to the track next weekend, will try and get some video but as I will be driving might be difficult, will see what happens.

Bought the rear quarter covers from City Auto, but the quality was not the great. The petrol cover one fitted fine, but the other side needed a point but it was rounded. Lucky my mechanic is handy with a hammer (it hurt to watch) and bashed it into shape.

Also fitted the rear badge, decided to have both gtr and 240k like the front.




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