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  1. That is one fruity exhaust note Haven't heard one like that before.........mine sounds like a boat
  2. Hey Adam, haven't stopped by this site for a few months so just saw the message....... I'm not on Faceplant There's enough to suck the time out of my life without being active on there as well, my wife is on it so I will get her to join the group for me so I can at least keep a finger on the pulse. I did enter the Rocket in last year's Bay to Birdwood and she went ok, apart from a niggling carby issue which I have since fixed. We got to cruise most of the run to Birdwood amongst the Prince Skyline club cars, so that was really cool. We were the only 240k car!!!! Sedan or coupe, and I only saw one or two Z cars. There was like a dozen Prince Skylines though Also did a trip to Victor Harbour towing my bike to get it Dyno tuned there, she worked hard towing that trailer at 110 used a fair bit more fuel than normal and a bit of oil, but was a good trip. Don't think I'll use her a as a long haul tow car again though. How are all your projects coming along?
  3. Where did everybody go???? I get the impression facebook is now the place to be
  4. I emailed Jason and didn't recieve a reply within 2 weeks....... Went into Clark Rubber yesterday on the chance they may have something similar, and they did. Really close to the original. So I bought my 4 metres and the guy said that it is a discontinued profile from that maker. It looked like they had enough to do a few more boot seals. If anyone is interested in getting some let me know and I will work something out with you dollar and delivery wise...... I joined the rubber with RTV black silicone, and now to close the boot you have to use positive pressure to make it close. Hopefully no more fumes
  5. Would love to cruise with you 240k guys, but 5 and a half hours drive to get to Melbourne kills it for me. If I can get to Melbourne in the Rocket I'll be sure to hit you up on here first Alternatively, if any of you make it up around Mildura way, let me know!!
  6. Yeah I know, it would have been great to get to and my daughter wanted to go but it wasn't meant to be.......we're about to get work done to her 280zx to rid the rust, so she can take her own next time around
  7. Very cool, 240k's look so much better on their bellies Even better with a bit of back end camber and fat rubber........
  8. Thanks for the reply Zed Head, I will check it out, see if it looks the same. Cheers
  9. Oh she's looking cool there Cam, very nice
  10. OK, I have some gross smelling fumes getting sucked in through the boot because the rubber has lost it's resistance to bouncing back I presume. I'm pretty sure I've seen some new looking rubbers on members projects before, so I was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction on where to find them? Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. Bumpity bump.......here's an old post!! I was doing a search for any information on where to get a new inner shifter boot and came across this post. Where are we at 8 years later? Can these rubber shifter boots be bought now or am I completely screwed? Currently I have a car wash sponge stuffed in the shifter space beneath the console......hidden by the vinyl shifter cover of course.
  12. Don't you love discovering those nasty hiding places for the rust to get a hold......... Good to see you are having fun
  13. Seems odd that the set you bought are $100 cheaper if they are the same as the others listed under that part number?
  14. Hi Cam, Had a look for those extractors on eBay, here is a link to the 240k set, priced at $354. The "HTH065" part number brought up 5 listings on eBay all with a different car/motor. The only extractor set for $250 is for a Nissan Patrol G60....... Check out the link, you may need to contact the supplier to change your order. Nissan 24OK 1973 78 2 4 OHC Extractors | eBay
  15. That would be weird In actual fact I simply saw the stickers being sold on eBay by a seller in the UK, thought they looked cool and ordered two, one for each side......never thought about it that much. Thought the stylised rising sun was clever
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