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1973 240z


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I have a 73 240Z basically a rolling uniobody. FREE!!!!

Just come and get it. It has 4 tires and suspension and that's about it.

I am going to cut it up and throw it away in 2 weeks if no one gets it.

I just don't have room to store it.


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Does the car look decent, is there and interior or is everything gone except the tires and suspension?

If so i'll see if i can get it.

If I can't get it,

I'll give away an L24 and a 4 speed tranny off my 73 240z parts car to someone in this list if they come here(taft, tx 110miles from S.A.)amd pull the engine. I would just really like to see this get done cause i have never pulled an engine. I'd like to learn.

If the car needs it i'll even let you take the dash and seats for a trade of a timing light gun and/or weber dgv syncro tool.

i will look for a trailer but i don't know if i'll find some one to tow it. That is where i will find my problem.

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I am pulling the motor tonight and the tranny is already out.

There is NOTHING indise as far as interior. NO DOORS NO HOOD HATCH IS A POS.

It can be ride on a trailer or maybe be dollied (that is how I got it home)

the body is OK to poor has a sunroof (crappy too) and is basically stripped. No title.

basically, 4 struts with tires, rear end half shafts and a unibody.


Or e-mail me [email protected]

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They were fine when i got the car.

The su carbs would flood. I could turn the distributor by hand. The tranny shifted smoothly.

I used to drive it aroud for fun until the brakes froze up.

I haven't started it in about 2 months cause the battery died.

My brother (6th grader) took off the plug wires. Then i noticed that you can actually lift the distributor up.

maybe it will need a new distributor.

I stared it one day and with the carbs flooding i somtimes had to crank it quite a bit get it back on. I noticed the lead that goes to the starter off the battery was hot and the connection was loose.

I wonder if i burned the starter but i haven't started it since.

I think with a little work it can be made into a good engine.

The exhaust system has holes but I have a replacement you can have with the engine that is complete from the manifold back.

Even with all these conditions present the car was running and the only reason I don't fix it is cause the rust is very bad on the body.

I just keep it for the glass and the lighs and when I take those off I will get rid of the car.

I would feel very bad if that 73' dash had to go with it. The only reason i don't get rid if it now is cause i know there is a reasonably good L24 and four speed in it. Plus I have an extra set of slotted mags on it .


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Bryantatem-I can't take it wouthout a title. My local revycler won't accept any chasis scrap without a title. I am already stuck with one car worth of tub cut into 1/4ths!

fstr240z- I will still pull the motor. Sounds like the block and head might be ok. I have some of the other bits. I will be in touch when I can get down that way and get it. You want to see it come out or should I just bring some wheels and roll it off on my stock?

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Here is a link to someone selling your DGVs for $100, I don't know if that's a good price but I just thought that I'd pass on the info to you: http://www.zcar.com/classifieds/class_parts/18470


Hey Bryan, if you go to Corpus to pull the engine from fstr240z's car let me know. I may be interested in going with you and helping/learning too. If you would rather not have me tag along that's cool, just email me and let em know. Also I sent you an email earlier today about those cars we have been talking about. Please let me know what's up with them.


I got your PM and have read the replies to your post. Please post or email me the pix of this car shell. I just live up the road from you and may have some interest in it considering that the price is right! Do you know how to obtain a new title for it?

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That price for the DGV's is pretty good if you don't want to spend to much $$$, on the triple webers. I like the DGV's they are very reliable. I think they are a very good replacement for those flooding 73' SUs.

If your thinking of buying them texas Z, to

replace some carbs on a Z, I know you like 'em. Mine are running trouble free and thats what i like about them.

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