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Ok, here's the newest Z...


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Well, since the untimely death of my satin gray car (ok, ok it's primer...) I have been shopping quickly for a replacement.

I found one.

Lemme know what you think.

1971 240 (birthdate 2/71)

NO RUST, was a Southern Cally car until recently

Eibach Springs and front bar.

Suspension Tech rear bar.

Fresh KYB struts

cross drilled rotors

poly steering coupler

L28 Block

N47 head

Bored (a bit he thought)

headers 2.5" exhaust

Anza exhaust

Fresh SU's

Dash cap

Velour interior

Vertical Defog

Hella H4's

Front air dam (flexible)

Borg 5 Speed tranny

3.90 Rear

Chorme Valve cover

Stock 5 hole wheels from '71.

This was a one owner car.

Guess the price...

Ok, enough suspense, $1200 bucks.

Lemme know what you think, I'll post more pics tomorrow, after 10 hours of cleaning mildew from the interior, which is now spotless by the way and buffing paint and making a few other changes, it's a totally different car now.

But posted below is the pic when it arrived at the new home.

Looking forward to info / reviews.

Thanks, have a great Monday....



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Sounds like a hell of a deal, doesn't look too bad either...

As long as there are no "hidden rust surprises" I'd jump on it!:cheeky:

Only thing I'm not sure about is the T-5 Borg Warner, they weren't known as the best shifting trannies. But hey, it's in there and you can alway find a 5 speed ZX tranny later...:ermm:

Maybe your "accident" may have worked out in your favor. The parts on this one are worth the purchase price.

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Well I've looked it over a bunch.

Under it.

In the battery tray.

Stripped ALL of the interior.

Including the spare.

Wheel wells and who knows where else

It's been 10 hours of fun.

Gotta love it.

Oh, found no rust.

Also, the tranny was out of a '82. Am I wrong about the Borg?


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I actually felt like I did....

But he actually was offered $1600 for the car and chose to sell it to me for the $1200 he originally quoted me.

Here's the reason why...

The "other guy" was buying the car for his 16 year old daughter. He decided to sell the car to a Z nut that would take good care of the car instead of making more $ and watching her destroy the car.

Now that's a true Z car guy.

And God knows that car saw more attention today than in the last two years.

So, I think that we both benefitted from it.

Tomorrow I'll post pics of the new and improved.

Boy was it dirty.

Have a great Monday all, thanks for the replies!


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okay you paid 1200, what do i have to pay you for it?

J/K... great find, I'm extremely jealous, and can't wait to see more of it. 16 y/o daughters first car...don't even wanna think about it.

to the dog lovers...

my wife and I have finally settled on the dog for us after we get out of this damn apartment. After much pursuasion from me she agrees on a weimaraner. If you haven't seen one they are simply one of the most beautiful german pointers you can find. They are all pretty much a silvery/gray color, and look a bit like a lab. Heres a pic.


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I walked in to my garage yesterday, about to go to work, and there was a little shitzu staring up at me with it's tale waggin like it knew I was going to give it something. This is not my dog. I don't own any dogs. This is not the first time this has happened either.

Can anyone tell me why the dogs like me?!! It freaks me out when a random dog is wondering around my yard. I usually don't bother it, I just let it wonder. I've yet to encounter any dog poop, so I don't think they come to do that.

I attached a pic of the dog that was in my garage. It wouldn't go home, so i'm going to hold onto it till the pound can do something on tuesday.


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Hmm, looks like a Pekingese to me... either way, if it's a $^!# Too or a Peke, you don't want it.:devious:

Yappy lap dog.....LOL

I was out shoveling snow yesterday and a beautiful Siberian Husky came over the snow pile and then didn't want to leave. Layed down in front of the kitchen door and cried to come in... Don't think my dog would have understood....Finally told it to go home and it trotted back down the street. Kinda ironic, during a snowstorm to see a Husky out running loose...:ermm:

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