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280z 76 Exhaust help


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Ok where my down pipe connects one stud is broke off. first are the studs SS. the shop says if they are will be hard to drill out. has anyone had to do this. Next the down pipe is there any reason to replace this

it looks to be in ok shape. soon i will be replacing the rest of the system maybe with 2" or 2.5" system.looking at the MSA premium system or the monza from BD. any tips would be great thanks.

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No, unless someone replaced them, they're not stainless steel.

Suggestion; take this to a muffler shop where they have a rack and air tools and just have 'em fix it. Unless you like grinding and drilling lying on your back underneath a car and getting crud in your eyes.

You'll probably break a drill bit or two in the process; have spares.

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Wade advice is good. I would follow it and take it to a muffler shop. I like to do thing myself but this is a real PITA to get done and done right. Its hard to drill the old stud straight and not remove metal from the manifold in the process.

If its not leaking and your planning on replacing it soon, it might be easier to wait and do it then.


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Happy to report i took it to Muffler shop. 100.00 later all is good. he was able to remove the other two nuts and drill the broken one out and replace it.he did say it was a PINTA and broke some bits. sounds a lot better now. son says it to quite now so here we go going with the Monza system i think.

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