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Classic to Current Floor Pans.

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Like many Z owners, I really ought to replace my floor pans.. I've noticed that Rock Auto sells "Classic to Current Fabrication" floor pans for $100 a side, so $200 for a pair.

Here's their website. Rust Repair Panels | Auto Body Parts | Replacement Floor Pans

Anyone have experience with these? Are the comparable to the $300 set from MSA, or is it better to spend the extra $100 (or extra $200 for the premium version)?

I have a pretty small budget. Originality is somewhat a concern, but less so than functionality - In the case of a floor pan, especially.

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I have never replaced the floorpans, but from what I have sen in other threads if I was thinking of going to all the effort cutting them out out and welding new ones in, I would spend the extra bucks to get the best quality I could find.

Thats my 2 cents and probably all it worth since its based on no floor pan experience what so ever.

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Reading the various reviews and threads I think the Zedd Findings pans are the way to go. C2C also sells pans on Ebay and based on the pictures they are not notched on the sides like the ZF pans are. When you factor in the support rails the ZF pans are a better deal. C2C pans are $134 each. $134 X 2 = $268 Add $80 for the rails (that you would have to get through ZF) and you are at $348. ZF pans and rails are $319 and you know exactly what you are getting.

Plus, considering you are going to spend the same amount of effort cutting and welding the new ones in, it is in your best interest to install the best product that you can.

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