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Building rear control arms?

z boy mn

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Hey everyone, I've been working on the suspension on my 240z, and marveling at all the beautiful control arms available from places like Arizona Z and such...but I can't afford them. I was thinking that maybe I'd try to build some rear control arms as I'm taking a welding class and need a final project. Has anyone tried this before? I realize I'd need a control arm to build a template for dimensions and such, but I don't want to bite off more than I can chew. Here's a sample of what I'd like to build.



Thank you in advance!


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I have seen a modification involving just the brace behind the diff. The brace was cut and the center section removed. An adjustable bolt was then welded into place. This made toe in adjustment possible. Chamber adjustment was done using chamber plates in the tower. I have some photos that I can post tomorrow.


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Thanks for your help, everyone, I'll check out Hybridz in a second. Also, I'm very interested in the modified control arms you talked about Chas. Hmmm. Sounds like a simpler project, though I think the tow in the rear was OK. My main focus is the camber, but it would be nice to do both. Photos would be great! Were you able to use stock shock towers with the camber plates? I'd love to go to coil-overs, but that's just to spendy for me right now.

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Using stock springs will only allow about 3/4. Negative camber - thats all the more room there is unless you can bring out the bottom .

The stock control arms are actually very strong, so dont under estimate the strength needed of the control arms.

Like said before - Hybridz is a good source for info.

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It does look a little tight in there...and I actually have negative camber now, I need to straighten out the wheels, and my guess is that'll take another degree or so. If I understand it, I'd actually want to shorten the control arm...and right now the bushings are pulled all the way in...shortening it as much as they can. That's how I started thinking maybe I should just try to build ones that are adjustable...or just shorter. I figure something like a .5" would do it, but I'm guessing there's a way to measure for this (and I'd still have the adjustable bushings for fine tuning).

Also, I did search through hybrid Z, and they had a couple good posts....but most of them included buying new control arms, coil overs with camber adjustment, or camber plates. For now, all are out of reach for me financially. :-(

Here's the best link I found on hybrid, FYI: Adjustable Control Arm / LCA / Lower Control Arm FAQ - Brakes, Wheels, Suspension, and Chassis - HybridZ

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