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2012 Series I auctions recap


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Just found Keith Martin's website


and searched for Series I auctions. First thing I found was that many Series II cars were included in his Series I DB search. So I decided to do an indepth review of the 2012 auctions. There 20 completed auctions on Ebay for Series I cars (omitting 2 entries for sales that did not complete).

The highest price paid was $28K for a RB26dett engined unit to $700 for barn find with engine out and a frozen rear wheel. Sales broke down as follows:

4 cars sold for over $10K

7 cars sold for $5K-$10K

6 cars sold for $2950 - 5K

3 hulks sold for $700 - $1025

Others on this forum have estimated less than 1,000 Series I cars still on the road. If so these represent only a 2% auction sales rate. Either these cars change hands extremely rarely, very few are moving on Ebay (if not, where), or there are fewer still on the road than we think. :disappoin

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The problem with the "verified sales" - is that cars are sent to auction when the owner isn't able to sell them locally - or when they are of NO interest to serious Collectors. It's matter of definition - but I have yet to see an excellent 240Z of any year sell for $12K.

The real problem is that the "Collector Car Tracker" - doen't really track true Collector Cars. One might say it tracks "collectibles". Sad that it gives many uninformed people the false idea that they can find/buy a truly "excellent" #1/#2 Condition example for $12K.


Carl B.

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240z's like just about any other old interesting car out there has some prime condition examples and then there is "everything else". The everything else is subject to so many different factors that no price guide of any sort can really focus on much of anything. What is important to one potential buyer or seller is not as important to the next. Any guide, online or on paper is just a guide. Any seller or any buyer should do their due diligence when looking to sell or buy a Z to help ensure they are getting what they want and don't get taken for a ride. Research of course is key, talking with other owners, and as usual if you have not owned one you have to look at a few to discover what separates a good one from a great one. I think any kind of compiled data is good to have but it should never be the last word on the value of a particular car.

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