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My two swiss S30Z Fairlady Restoration build thread

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My good friend Stev was kind enough to get me a set of Stickers over at JNC while he ordered some for himself. BIG THANKS, mate, as usual - apprecciate your support man!

Love the JNC gold "Inkan" Emblem and the Okamoto Condoms "OK-Hand" stickers :)


Also expect some new parts arriving during the next weeks. spent a lot of money ordering parts and temperatures are rising again so i hope i get some more recent updates on the car during next weeks again :)

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The previous owner of the black z told me he had a few extra parts in a container which were missing. the car was almost complete except the bottom part of one seat and the passenger door panels and taillights. So when he finally told me he'll deliver me those parts i expected only these parts. But then i got a complete transporter filled with tons of small pieces i still have to identify :D Here's what i got:

1) A lot of interieur panels fron the hatch i guess:


2) a set of spare rear side windows, spare clutch, spare starter motor and other pieces:


3) Set of spare gauges and taillights (Second taillight see below)


4) A spare fuel tank :D


5) Boxes full of small electronic pieces, broken junk, spare seatbelts, spare cigarrette lighter, shift knobs, spare careburators, and tons of small things:


In one of the boxes i found this bag of Cat-weed seeds *LOL*


6) broken center console, door steps, and a lot of other items


7) More panels, spare-tools bag, steering column cover and another broken center console:


8) Missing passenger side door panel and tons of doorsteps and stuff:


9) Missing bottom part of the passenger seat and a few worn out emblems, steering wheel switches, and more spare gauges:


10) And another rear bumper (i already got two with the white car *LOL*)


Good thing is i have a lot of spare parts to choose from now. bad thing is i believe a few parts belong to the 260Z the previous owner also had, and a few parts are useless for me. I think i might be able to sell a few parts, but most of them or really worn out or broken so let's see. they need quite a lot of space in my garage and i think i'll sort out all the broken parts soon and throw them away. Anyway i'm happy i got a bit of a "treasure" here and at least a few of the parts might be pretty useful at one point maybe, so i'll keep all of them until i'm done with the car :D

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Finally i found some time for the Z again and fortunatly i had some nice progress:

After working a few times on the carbs without being able to get them off i finally got rid of them today:


and out they are :)


started to remove the horns also and found this weird wiring at the front end...?!?



and off they are:


hope to have more progress soon, a nice and big package should arrive here soon :)

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Everytime i'm able to spend a bit of money to add another big piece of the puzzle makes me smile. So today when the FedEx lady rung the bell on my door with a huge package, which continued this:


1) A Complete set of Fiberglass ZG-Style Overfenders:


2) A Xenon Urethane front Air dam:


3) And last but not least a set of aftermarket steering rack boots (I went for the aftermarkets because the cost 1/20 of the original items and i can't see any benefits of using old NOS parts compared to fresh aftermarket items):


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Just a quick question, where did you get the Xenon air dam?

I see them in The Z store, but reluctant to buy it because the chance it will get damaged getting it over here. I have been trying to find a European dealer with no luck.

That is a treasure trove of stuff you got from the PO. The cat weed seeds is definitely the bonusLOL

Thanks chas

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Hi Chas,

I bought it over at MSA (Zcarparts.com), they shipt it fast and cheap with fedex and do a great job. Also if you buy the urethane version that one is really flexible so almost no chance to damage it during transport - go for it ;)

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Thanks Nils, I might just do that. I have used them before and they are fast and cheap with shipping. Them and Rock Auto are the best out there when it come to delivering on time.

PS: Looks like your doing the morning rounds on the forum too:)


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Finally - An Update!!! :)

Haha, yeah we had the damnest longest winter since weather measurement (no joke!) and therefore we had snow and freezy temperatures until late march. anyway good news today:

A Package from Japan arrived with a ultra-rare unicorn piece of Japanese racing history:

A genuine forged Aluminum Kakimoto racing "valve cover" which i've been looking for almost a year now and when i almost gave up it popped up on Yahoo auctions so i just had to get it. don't ask me what i paid for it, hahaha:


The previous owner painted it in a wrong colour sos i'll have to redo that and also hilight the letters again but who cares :) Also got this battery kill switches from Wing takeo for my EK9 project but ordered a second one for my Z so i can switch of the battery when stored away :)


Last but not least i got the exhaust system removed, cleaned up the mess in the garage and removed a lot of wires and hoses from the engine.


Also should get back my engine-hoist which i loaned out to a few friends and never got back so i should be able to get the engine and tranny out soon - yikes :D PROGRESS :)

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A genuine forged Aluminum Kakimoto racing "valve cover".....

For the sake of accuracy, it's cast, not forged.

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Nice z's what month production are they? Mine is a may 72. The parts are out there it will take some time for period correct.

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For the sake of accuracy, it's cast, not forged.

Of course you're right, i had a wrong translation in my head.

Nice z's what month production are they? Mine is a may 72. The parts are out there it will take some time for period correct.

The white one is an early 1972 (i remember march or february) the black one is 1972 too but don't know the production date yet..

And yeah it definitly needs some time to find all the rare period correct parts, but i believe i got most of the big things now :)

Great progress - keep pushn' on!

Thanks mate, i try my best :)

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Here we go, got some industrial paint stripper (most harmfull stuff i've ever worked with, i believe :D) and started to strip the kakimoto valve cover:

1) Before:


2) While applying:


3) After cleaning with water and dishwashing-brush:


As you can see i need a second attempt to clear some small spots. Also got some Aluminum primer but still need to find the original dark blue wrinkle-paint which also should be able to clear the heat coming from the engine :) anyway, i'm happy with my progress so far :)

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Well after the never-ending winter with **** weather i somehow lost my motivation to get stuff done one the car, but this seems gone right now so i took two days off to get some things done (mostly gardening, but also some work on the cars :D) while we have some great weather :D

1) I was a bit worried how my first chassis would look after a seriously wet and snowy winter (where they throw a lot of salts on streets right in front of the car...) so i uncovered it:


and moved her in a better position, here you can see both of my fairladies:


2) then i got some stuff done on chassis number two: removed the last wires and hoses from the engine so hopefully i'll be able to get the engine and transmission out soon. (Should get my engine hoist back on the weekend :D)


3) Completed the paint stripping on the kakimoto valve cover. it's still wet from cleaning in the picture but looks great. ready for another clean and primer soon :)


4) Also made a few phone calls to figure out about the missing documents and i found out the car was last registered in an area about 1 hour from here (St. Gallen) and well i have some good news regarding the documents tomorrow. be sure to check this blog tomorrow again. im pretty happy with my progress today and hopefully the motivation keeps lasting for all my car projects. need a serious push to get things done :D

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240Z: Good news as mentioned yesterday:

Usually the grumpy bureaucrats at the car registration office aren't very helpful, but probably due to the nice wheater, yesterday the guy i had on the phone was:

He was kind enough to search my car in the nation-wide database and made me a printout.

You might remember my car came without any documents, and with this printout i now know where it was registered last (allowing me to get a original document again!) as well as when it was first registered (1972 as i thought), who drove it last (a lady :D) and what original colour it hat, etc.. Here you go:


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I want to push the bodyworks a bit so i try to get the bodyshop guy coming here and check the cars soon so i got a glimpse of what is possible and how i can prepare it the best. still don't know which chassis makes more sense to save etc. so here's a list i prepared with all the work that needs to be done so i can discuss it with the bodyshop-guy. TONS of work:

Both cars:

- Remove old paint

- Remove mirror holes in doors

- Add new fender mirrors (got the installation drawings)

- remove rust on doors etc (if needed)

- repair rear spoiler (Studs broken)

- Add Overfenders (and neatly cut and weld original (inner-)Fenders)

- Spotweld Original chassis for added safety and rigidity (??)

- Fit the Saito rollcage (screwed, not welded)

- Add and fit front air dam

- Replace frame rails

- Replace floor pans (Still need the seat console bases, probably reuse some original)

- remove dents and scratches if there are some

- Remove broken screws at a few points i wasn't able to get them out

Chassis A (White):

- replace front end (from black car)

- Replace rear panel (from black car)

- Remove welding signs from the roof window which was closed once.

Chassis B (Black):

- Remove rust in rear inner wheel arches and tool storages.

- replace roof (from white chassis?)

- replace spare wheel mould (from white chassis?)

When done / Paintshop

- Fit and adjust hood, doors, fenders, hatch, wing,...

- Protect from rust in hollow parts

- Underfloor coating

- Preserve hollow pieces with special treatment

- Completetly primer and paint the car in

„Datsun 904, Kilimanjaro White“:


Now i'll have to discuss these points with the bodyshop and check time and money needed, as well as how i have to pay the work (monthly rate, pre-payment,...) i have no clue how they do payment on a job this big usually :) And then i have to figure out where the hell i get so much money to pay this :P

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NEWS :) Today i had the bodyshop guy here checking out my cars. The plan was to hear his thoughts and get a future plan for how it's gonna be done. and that's what happend:

The very nice guy showed up and checked my cars thoroughly for about 1,5 hours and explaining me a lot of things and showing me alot of things i haven't seen. also he explained about his previously owned JDM cars and the people he knows etc.

Note that he doesn't look very happy when i made a photo, but afterwords i explained about my blog and then he was happy agian :)


And here's the plan:

After checking both cars he mentioned it would make more sense to repair the black chassis and use the white one for spare-pieces because the white is more patched up and damaged while the black has only minor repairs and usual rust spots.

He also mentioned that he's a fabricator bodyguy and can make any kind of bodypanels by himself.

He quoted me 15 grand for a completely restored base shell including the bolt-on panels. but also explained it could easily be more work discovered at work. im ok with that.

Also he explained how i should continue: Store the whit car like i did, totally strip down the black chassis and have the paint stripped down from doors, hatch, hood, etc and have them primered. Then create a rolling jig for the black car and then i can deliver it for him to work. He also explained about how payment works with this kind of projects and was very kind and nice and seemed pretty interrested in this kind of stuff and has a big knowledge in japanese classics (which is rare in switzerland). In fact he even gave me a few contacts to people in the scene i'll contact during the next days!

So this gives me a whole truckload of motivation and i'm feeling i know where this project goes during the next months! great :)

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After the Visit of the Bodyshop-guy i now have a goal again and that's stripping the black car to bare shell to so i'll be able to bring it to the bodyshop by the end of the year and have the chassis done in a year probably :D So i started to push things on the black chassis today:

1) Removed the starter motor so it will be easier to remove the engine (hopefully in 2 days :D)




also wanted to remove the speedo-sensor but actually those damn screws were stuck, so i let them soak in WD40:


2) Next was the steering wheel:




3) and last but not least the tank lock door thingy. you also might notice a bit of rust underneath which i discovered today after removing some "bubbles" in the paintjob....


anyway i feel like i'm back to the project after now not wanting to do too much before knowing any goal for a while now. Next im hoping to get the engine and tranny out :)

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Nice to hear you found your end goal. Does wonders for motivation.

Looking at the photos of the flywheel and transmission I would prepare for the worst when dismantling the engine and drivetrain. You could try mixing a batch of ATF and Acetone, ratio 50:50. It works better than WD40.


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A while ago, the famous JDM legends shop had a contest on their facebook page and, well, i won it :)

Today a package from USA arrived with a nice JDMlegends Tee and a few stickers, which i will proudly put on my car once it's done. Great! And big thanks to Eric and Ryan over at JDMlegends!


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He quoted me 15 grand for a completely restored base shell including the bolt-on panels. but also explained it could easily be more work discovered at work. im ok with that.


Wow 15,000. Wouldn't it be less expensive just importing a nice rust free one from Los angeles?

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Hehe, no - definitly no :) import costs at least 2 grand plus taxes and stuff and i think prices uf rust-free shells in USA are rising. Also most of the US-shells aren't really rust free compared to what mine will be when it's done. we're talking about a complete rebuild with a lot of custom made panels and a car which is better than a new Z was back in 1972. Importing a car and getting it to the same quality level will cost about the same at the end and i like the fact that i save an old shell that most of t he people would have thrown away ;)

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First the bad news: I've planned to get a lot of work done this week due to swiss labour day and so on, but of course i had to get a damn cold exactly during this time so i'm currently lying in my bed with fever and other uncool stuff...

Now to the good news: I made a few phone calls around the country to different registration stations and Authorities and this led me back to the original car's documents which i - 50 bucks later - got an original copy from now. This will alow me to get the car registered when it's done. great - my car has documents :D


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