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AFM to Throttle body hose


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New guy here so please be kind. Just got a 79 280zx for FREE. I noticed it has a crack all the way through the rubber boot between the mass air flow to the throttle body. No new part available, can't find one used. I don't have much money right now but would like to buy a used rather than repairing mine. Any idea's?????:cool: Thanks Mike

The 79 and 80 share the same hose nissan P/N# 16578-p7100

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You could also give your local Nissan dealer a try.

Part no. 16578-P7100. I ordered other parts for the intake on a 280Z 1977 no problems and not to much price difference with nissanpartszone.

Goodluck searching

My local Nissan dealer says it is obsolete and no dealers across north america has this hose in stock.:disappoin

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You could try the hose for the 280zx 1980 model. You will need to block the extra side hose nozzle. MSA sell them, I think.

Looks like your model is no longer stocked. Could be because it change over to the 1980 model soon after intro and therefore too little demond nowdays.

I could order mine, for a 280Z 1977 model here in the Netherland last june no problems. Thats another type again. MSA

Check MSA. They list them all, but yours is no longer available. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/SFC03A

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You've probably found a cure for your prob, but...

I had the same problem, a torn boot. Like you, I could not find a replacement, so I "engineered" it.

I cleaned the area of the tear with acetone. I super glued as much of the tear as possible (maintaining the original shape). Then I coated the area (inside and out) with liquid rubber.

Ta-Da...it worked!!!

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