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Where can I get interior paint

72 OJ

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SEM is the ticket. A place called Tabco sell paint supplies in Houston (not much help in Fulton, sorry). You can try:


1129 Somerset Avenue,

Beltsville MD 20705

(301) 595-9183



5049A Branchville Rd.

College Park MD 20740

(301) 474-3200

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As with all painting, the work is in the prep. I used SEM on part of my door panels and was happy with the result. They sell a prep solution, but I used Acetone.


It is very important that you clean off any oil/silicone/treatment that has been rubbed onto the vinyl, or the spray paint will not stick.


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I used SEM on the back seat of my 1929 Ford Roadster - be sure to use the Prep/Cleaner - use it with good ventilation. Once you apply the color you can not scrape it off - it is really a dye, not an interior paint. Highly recommend it to anybody just so you do the prep/cleaner correctly.

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