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Rear turn signals not working


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Car: '73 240z

Front turn signals work but the rears don't and the hazards work on all 4 corners. I've tested the switch and it appears to be functioning fine. I tested the bulb socket and they're getting no power when turn signals are activated.

I replaced a flasher from the drivers side foot area. Also, some say the flasher is on the drivers side by your feet and other say it's under the dash. Are there multiple flashers for the turn signals?

I know the turn signals go through the hazard switch but how do I remove the hazard switch to test for continuity? Does the dash need to be off?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Have you tried just actuating the Hazard Switch?

What happens then? Do the front work and not the back?

Many times this will fix your problem.

And yes there are two flashers in the car, one for the turn signals and one for the hazard circuit.

As far as removing the Hazard Switch, which one do you have, the Toggle Switch or the Push/Pull Green Knob?

The Toggle has the obvious ring that you remove with a small spanner wrench, or carefully using a e-clamp plier and just unscrew.

The Toggle you push in and turn the knob about 1/8 of a turn or so, and the knob will then come off the stalk.



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I had the same issue and it was the hazard switch. I replaced it with a rebuilt one and the problem went away. If you havn't already done so, upgrading to to electronic flasher units may help reduce some load on the circuits and let your lights blink at a more regular interval. On my Z there is one on the RH kick panel for the hazards and one above the steering column, right behind the dash for the signals. I used two precision screwdrivers to remove the spin on ring style switch.

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I've also had similiar issue. My issues amount to a worn out combo switch-which is probably half the problems out there. The contacts get dirty and the mechanisms get worn and viola, your turn signals don't work properly.

I have cobbled three different combo switchs to get one good working assembly.

I need to send mine to Dave(z-on the brain) for an overhaul-if he still does that.

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