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How much are OEM headlight cover chrome trims worth?


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Continuing on a theme on here, I've got the chance to buy a set of headlight bucket's that have the OEM chrome headlight trims installed, the covers are missing.

How much would these be worth? I was thinking of buying them and bonding set of the generic covers to the inside then properly mounting, I can't run to the money a full set are going for now days.

So basically what is a fair price?

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The generic aftermarket covers probably won't fit well with the original chrome trim pieces. They mount and fit differently. I had a set of the trim less clear covers on my Z for years and liked them. I now have a set of the factory style repros with chrome trim from Japan that will get installed eventually.


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The newer style of cover fits WITHIN the Sugar Scoops edging and not OVER AND PAST the edge as the OEM style does.

The newer style requires the use of a mounting bracket or pad for the cover to then screw onto, or in the case of one style I saw some years back, a trim piece (in plastic) that fit on the edge of the lens and glued the lens cover in place, i.e. you could not remove the cover easily afterwards. (The OEM are after all, removeable.)

The OEM style has screws that will protrude INTO the headlight scoop's metal (or fibreglass) body, as wel as the screws to mount each of the mounting tabs (2 for the tab mount and 1 for the cover PER mounting tab, total 12 holes).

IMO, it would literally be impossible to mount a newer style lens with the OEM trim rings without some serious fabrication.... and it would show.



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You are in the UK, Jason, which I would imagine makes parts like these more difficult to come by. The trim rings, even without the lenses, would be valuable for the hardware alone! Lenses can be made - worst case. I say buy the pieces and I could imagine $250 a very fair price.

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