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No Power?


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Newbie here with with a '71 240z. This is an amazing site with tons of good information. I've been scouring the site the last few days looking for the answer to my electrical issue, but haven't found it. My car has sat in a garage for the last 16 years and currently doesn't run. I've read the "Waking the sleeping beast" post and when I get ready to turn over the engine, I'll reference it again.

The car doesn't have a battery in it and I'd like to see the interior lights, so I hooked up jumper cables to the battery leads and I get nothing. All the fuses look good. I was told by a fellow z owner that it's probably some corrosion behind the fuse box. I removed it and didn't find any, but I could barely flip it over due to not enough slack in the wires. Any thoughts?

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Check your fusible link between the Starter and the Battery.

If that's burned out the complete electrical system is inert.

As far as checking the fuse box, remove and check each of the fuses for continuity then make sure the fuse holder arms are clean and tight and then replace the fuse with new or proven fuses. The simple act of R/R the fuses may be enough to restore your circuitry.

However, if that is the case, you'll want to look at the rest of the wiring as there may be other problems down the road.


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Thanks guys! I am going to buy a battery, I was just looking for instant gratification. Both battery cables are black, but I hooked it up (right-or-wrong) assuming the negative side was bolted to the back of the starter and the positive going to the starter solenoid?

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