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  1. sorry, collar and throwout bearing was replaced as well....I've read that with clutch pedal depressed if there's noise it is the throwout....clutch pedal not depressed (and noise) it could be the input shaft. I'm hesitant to agree with above assumption I'm hypersensitive to trans noise as the previous installed transmission was "quiet" on the magnitude of about 3 compared to this new one on a scale of 1-10 where 10 is : bearing sounds like it is eating itself (chunks, knocks, grating, full metal catastrophic cluster grenade) ....but I'm willing to keep driving! if condition/noise increases I'll put the old 5sp back in and find a guy who knows how to get inside for bearing replacement... I'd defintiely run it by you guys first though! thanks
  2. no sir! there's a spanking new clutch/pressureplate/flywheel/ reverse light module in there...and an additional two bolts for the pressure plate (says put six in, there was eight holes to bolt up to the flywheel...took two additionals and bolted them on there!) ever seen that before? yessir, manual for manual....only I put in an 81-3 zx five speed narrow range
  3. Hello good people, I swapped out my transmission in '78 Z.... a first for me...almost proud of myself...however! I forgot to replace the pilot bushing. I have what I believe is an input shaft bearing noise...it may be going out unless it could be the pilot bushings fault? (previous transmission did not make any noise) in neutral at idle I hear the "bad" bearing sound.....push the clutch pedal in and the whirring "dry-very dry" bearing sound dissapears.... release clutch pedal and sound comes back.... I believe I can hear it in first and second gear as well? cant hear it anymore in third. I've watched some u-tube videos and some various clips indicate that I do have an input shaft bearing problem (the sound on videos is identical).... any experience with not replacing the pilot bushing? or maybe even hearing a plaintive bearing in beginning of first and second? thanks for any input.... input pun. 81-3 ? zx 5speed from 280z 5 speed transmission swap
  4. howdy ya'll! what's up Bruce! these plugs came out of my 240 today...I put nice NGK pre gapped plugs back in. Now to tune the Zthereapied carbs back to normal. My brake booster went out and I had it rebuilt...but not before I had to drive it around with vacuum problems....trying to get it to run decently was an effort.... it wouldn't idle or run smoothly below 2000 rpm....
  5. good luck!! I want pics asap....plz...thanks!!!
  6. ahh page EC-15 is quite clear...nevermind. thanks for looking!
  7. the top nipple goes: ? the bottom nipple goes? I didn't label them when I pulled them dang it... thanks!
  8. Question : can I seal my vacuum hose leading to the bad brake booster and effectively re-tune my carbs? my Z ran good with my self installed Z therapy carbs.... before the booster failed...now I hear air leak when applying breaks (diaphragm maybe)...also idle drops to stall when braking... I tried adjusting the carbs to remedy the situation to get the car in for booster replacement and now I've got a non-starter. I've reset my carbs with mixture knobs all the way up and back down 2.5 turns and get nothing better than bogging from the throttle application until engine reaches 2,200 rpm. (runs great above) but no response from the throttle under that...just bogging. I need to be able to start and run into the mechanic shop. can anyone tell me the default turns on the carb sync screws? If I can cap the vacuum hose, I hope to be able to reset my carbs to default settings (mixture and sync) and start over.... get the Z in for booster R&R and tune again...
  9. the rims are mounted and she runs hot straight and true....thanks all!
  10. so the mechanic says right side won't work because of the threading....I'll keep searching here for why not....cheers are there any more parts to buy besides the right side inner and right side outer to replace on the left side?
  11. thanks ! we'll move forward with RockAuto right side if possible.
  12. does anyone know where to find a replacement inner left side tie rod for my 71 240z? my mechanic has 4 people looking and I';ve searched the websites and ebay with no luck, the wWTB classifieds.... anyone? thanks
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