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Lemon Carb Cleaning


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I guess it is the acid property on the lemon juice that removes the aluminum corrosion. So some vinegar or other acid stuff would do the trick.

I clean my coffee pot with vinegar, it stinks but it works very well.

Ultra sonic cleaners will take care of dirts more than corrosion IMHO. It is not a cheap solution if you're using it once for carbs (you need a big one) but it works very well. I'm using one for glasses & watches, they look like new after such process.

A friend with a shop is having one, you should find one, that would be your best option.

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I am working on some neglected webers, and this would be very nice. I have one almost completely disassembled and cleaning with carb cleaner is a pain. This could work if I just dipped the carb into the pot... I read somewhere that the lemon juice leaves the aluminum surface dull and rough looking, it did not seem the case with this write up, is that what the warm water and scrubber was used for? Thanks

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Cool method. IMHO, after doing a good cleaning like this, coating the bare aluminum with some, fuel and heat tolerant, aluminum flake paint, keeps them from ever looking stained and pitted again. Plus, once painted, they wash off very nicely when you hose off the engine bay.


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Tried the lemon juice method with varied results. The basic grime and dirt came off but the black carbon in the dome and on the piston did not come off. Even with the bucket of soapy water, still needed carb cleaner to remove it. Was a great method for cleaning small bolts, washers, and other small parts!

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