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  1. Thanks, I had offers after the auction, higher than my reserve which was 18.5K, but I want to wait to sell it to the right type of person, and make a decent profit so I can do another one. I really didn't want it to go for 18.5K but BAT pushes for reduced reserves, and then you just hope they get blown past. I am VERY glad I held the reserve higher than what BAT wanted, and it didn't just skim the reserve. I can wait for the right new owner that will love this car. Two types of buyers for this car: An investor that would keep it for a few years, watch the value climb, and flip it (these are the guys that stop at 15K because they need ROI). The other type of buyer, which is my target, would be someone passionate that REALLY wants a truly clean Z, but wants one they could use for family fun, turn key, hassle free. This car is like owning a new car. It will go on and on, with no issues, keeping a basic maintenance schedule. I am too much of a driving enthusiast, and heavy tinkerer to keep this car long term, I won't be able to leave it stock. Besides, all my bays are full, and I want to find/fix/build/sell more Z cars in the future. Yes the ad asks for 25,280 but you know what it cost's to buy a solid 280Z, a clean dash, original radios, brand new full interior, and have a car painted these days? Try going out and finding new OEM body parts to fix one up, find clean OEM glass, the glass trim, body seals, not to mention the rubber that surrounds these bumpers, and the time it takes to put it all together. To all the naysayers, DO THE MATH.
  2. Yep. It's in my garage and I drove it happily today. What a treat! Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk
  3. Well, few and far between, this lady is looking for a new home. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/datsun/280z/2029317.html Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk
  4. Trudged through knee deep slurpie-like snow, about 200 feet back up the hill to the sheds where they have been sleeping, unseen, in total darkness, since, mid-November...To my dismay, I could only knock on the doors and say hello through the plywood. The snow is still too deep to unlatch the doors.... :-( <---yes that was my facial expression
  5. I'll sell my 72 S30 as it is, with "potential" to become a Z432, starting bids $50k hahah Call it the "base" kit for Z432 conversion. ;-) All kidding aside, it's nice to see some real money being thrown towards a classic Japanese sports car, that's not a Toyota.
  6. Chipping an early S30 EFI is as easy as.... I suggest these. http://www.kettlebrand.com/our_products/potato_chips/#/our_products/potato_chips/?pid=61
  7. I use the MS2 in my 280Z, but played around with the factory ECCS for years before I made the switch. Having said all that, the factory ECCs was VERY good for its time.
  8. Yes, I noticed the lambda reference, and the rev limiter, which the S30's don't have. I wonder if any of that L-Jet resistor info is translatable to the S30 boards, since they are of the same L-Jet family. I was mainly wondering how much of it is JECS design, and how much of it is just straight copy of the Bosch L-Jet design. The experiment could always be duplicated, so that the S30 ECCS could be more "tuneable", but in this day and age, it is much more wise to replace the whole thing with a modern programmable unit.
  9. Well, that info was for the L-Jetronic. I suppose we got the knockoff version in the 75-78 Z cars? JECS?
  10. Here is info I scavenged, from before Al Gore invented the internets. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/95316-braaps-l6-efi-induction-advice-and-tips/#entry896858
  11. I once tried side gapping an old set of NGK's and it made an appreciative difference in smoothness of idle, and smoothness of revving. I am not sure about the power, but it felt slightly torquier...of course that's completely unscientific. Save Gas And Incerase Horsepower By Side Gapping Spark Plugs I was inspired by the four electrode "Golden Lodge" plugs of my past Alfa Romeo.
  12. I have been looking at all these seat installs with custom plates and brackets but I find that, although they work, many seem too weak to hold the seat firmly fixed in an accident. As a back of the napkin suggestion, I would try to use at least 3/8" x 3" wide steel plates, and instead of flat bar, try to incorporate angle iron. Of course material size depends on the design of the mount... but whatever the case, you don't want that seat to move; the forces involved in a collision, can be enormous. The seat can't hold you in place if it's going to bend the mounting adapters. They should be strong enough to be able to yank the seat bolts right through the Datsun floor seat frames. They should not be the weakest link. Just my 2c.
  13. Sounding like a bad diff due to either the bearings, or uneven gear lash around the ring at this point. If it is wind noise, it should change by opening/closing windows.
  14. I figured he probably hit a racoon or a curb with it at some point. I wasn't sure because I have never seen FG valences in the after market. Must have been a long time ago. I have all the paperwork for the car. It shows the repaint due to hail damage in 1987, and the Nissan euro bumper new for $70 as a separate purchase. There is no mention of the valence, however.
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