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Captain Obvious

Throttle Linkage Improvements

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Here's a super simple drawing explaining the concept. There are several areas where you can shorten or lengthen the linkage to change the leverage ratio. I just went around and tried to get all of them starting at maximum leverage. That way, as you press the linkage effort keeps increasing consistently, starting low and going higher.

If it's set to start at low leverage, going to high, then the effort required goes from high to low to high when pressing the throttle, as the lever arm goes over the center of the pivot point (what I meant by over-center). I think that confuses the foot and leads to slow-fast-slow (or hard-easy-hard) throttle operation.

That was my theory and it seemed to work for my problem.

Bell crank leverage.bmp

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I've also drilled a small hole the size of those small ''straw'' tubes from the inside out of the plastic caps of the linkage to squirt PB blaster or other lube. Worked for me, don't get throttle hang up any more.

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