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A 10th anniversary notice

Bruce Palmer

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Hello all,

Just a note to let everyone know that we at ZTherapy are coming up on a milestone date.

Steve and Pam took possesion of ZTherapy on 9/11 2001 with the exact date being etched in our brain pans because while unloading the "stuff" Scott gets a phone call from Mt. Home AFB telling him to hiball it back to base.

Understanding that date carries much more importance to most than us taking the reigns of ZTherapy, I personally want to slip in under the radar and say thanks to all who have allowed us to help keep things running. Ir has been fun bt and large for us and we look forward to continuing the effort in the future.


Pam. Steve, Bill & Bruce

PS: Mike also thank you for allowing us to hang our hats here.

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Congrats on 10 years! That is a great achievement. I see your company highly appraised so many car web sites that there is more than just "Z" in your domain! :)

Please share some photos with us of funny moments and your facility, tools, staff, most interesting works (like the triple SU's for example) etc. if you can. It would be nice to see the face and output of ZTherapy.

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That Faberge thing, if you knew Steve, is way too funny.

These two, Steve and Pam, are the most low key, under the radar people you'll ever be around and I'm sure making a suggestion along the lines of a "glam set" for the 10th would get me beaten..... Too funny.

There are, however, some photos in the owners bios section at www.ztherapy.com and as far as I can recall that is about as close to what you're looking for as I know of.

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