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ZCON 2011 Photos


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As you can see I was mainly interested in modified 1st gen. There were a ton of original 240, 260 280 models on display which is where the crowd was hovering so I didn't get many good pix of them. I hate taking photos of people taking photos. A handfull of 240s were golden. Others please post!











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Always nice to see resto modded Z's.

Looking at all the nice photos and wondering the lack of dealer/distributor/manufacturer cars like SEMA?

and the lack of hot chick in Z's pic?


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Hooter's girls were suppose to be at the show but failed. Too bad because there were actually a couple of attractive girls working during the 'to go' party on Saturday. The lack of vendor support I associate with being on the east coast since the bigger companies reside out west. I'm sure the Z events on the west coast get a lot more on-site support. That said, many vendors did step up to provide financial and auction item support for the event. A huge thanks goes out to each and every one of them for the help!

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It's probably my fault. I noticed that when I won a NISMO license plate frame at the opening, the girl wouldn't come any closer than arm's length to me. (Perhaps my wife shot the girl an evil eye, though my wife denies doing such.) The girls had no problems going up to the other prize winners that night. I must have traumatized them so that they didn't want to come back for the show. LOL

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Hey ezzzzzzz

I was sure to find you taking a Hooter girl for a ride in your Z. Your hood painting is awesome!! So you didn't luck out this time...there is always next time. Glad I was at least able to get a shot of you meditating in the hotel bar after visiting Wet Willies. LOL GOOD TIMES!!!

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