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  1. Approaching a major intersection on a bike can be terrifying. Staying with traffic flow is key. Jockeying up to the 1st car at light gives visibility. Yeah I might put a finger on the car for clipping in & balance. No harm done. I would hope they would respect the comrade at their side & acknowledge their presence giving rightaway to them at the turn. It's just a bike thing.
  2. I an't tell where exactly the roar comes frome either.
  3. I agree you might want to take this to HibridZ.com for a more educated opinion. I have a custom Chevy 350 V8 in my 72 Z but have no idea what it would sell for today as I have had for over 10 years & have made several mods. The car looks really cool to me with clean interior & only thing telling is hood. Looks like solid minimally modded V8 conversion.
  4. Now that is a worthy topic for discussion. I’m sure it has been done before but whatever.
  5. Letting go of a car is like giving a child up for adoption. I feel your pain.
  6. If you found a wallet say at a gas station with cash & credit cards would you attempt to contact owner ? If cash was $1.00? $100.00? $1,000.00? What would you do?
  7. The white looks striking w/ that shade blue. What is it called?
  8. Unfortunately I have 3 modified sports cars cars in the driveway.
  9. More Recaros: I have the SRD model in my 240. They are a tight fit.
  10. I live in a small hood w/ mostly good neighbors but a few bad apples. I just had my mailbox bashed a couple months ago for no good reason. I haven't knowingly ticked anyone off but feel I need to take precautions & do simple things to keep my cars safe.
  11. Cool! Could you post a pic of a cap for a 240? Thanks for all your suggestions. And yes, unfortunately I must keep the Z outside. Wish I could keep them all inside for sure as the weather is taking its toll.
  12. Yeah, I could get an OEM for $60. But I really want a locking one for security. Some of my neighbors may not like the roar of my Chevy 350 V8 I run with duel Supertrapps & do something evil like sugar or water.
  13. Why, why, why? $60+ for a simple OEM gas cap for a 1972 240Z! My after market locking one is 10 years old & really hard to open now. Can't seem to find another locking one at all. Any source for the locking type now? Photo is what I have now with locking mechanism sticking to where I’m worried the key will break.
  14. I keep one in all of my cars. Two in the Miata daily driver: one chrome for looks mounted to the brace behind the seats and one for throwaway use. Only time I have needed one is to put out a raging engine fire in a pickup flaming in the middle of a local intersection. Not my car but was glad to offer it up.
  15. While I can't speak directly to Z dams I can rate 1st gen RX-7 dams as I've tried a few. Some definitly stabalize the car at over 100 mph. Therefore I'm thinking same type works for Zs but have no statistics.
  16. So how do you separate air dams from "spooks"? Lots of pieces have vents in various sizes & places. I usually think of "spoiler" as tails or wings on the rear end. Please define. Thanks.
  17. Funny how neither looks like mine or some of most common I've seen. I would love to see more styles compaired in wind tunnel w/ just air dams & no spoilers, side skirts, etc. I've considered the splitter on my Miata but looks a bit too trendish or something.
  18. Sweet! Go ahead & batch process in PS. Can't wait to see the pix!
  19. As you can see I was mainly interested in modified 1st gen. There were a ton of original 240, 260 280 models on display which is where the crowd was hovering so I didn't get many good pix of them. I hate taking photos of people taking photos. A handfull of 240s were golden. Others please post!
  20. Please post your pix! Here are are few of mine from this morning:
  21. Thanks for the F pic! I chose the green as it was a factory color & balancing composition w/ green in palms. I liked it also because it "popped" & stands out. Of course I have looked at it now for way too long to be completely objective...
  22. Engine looks so sharp as to be Photoshopped. Love the nose shot!
  23. Which would you prefer? See my new design (alternate being used in addition to original) for the 2011 international conference. Would you be likely to go for a T-shirt with 240Z like in my sig or Nismo like in new ad? Thanks.
  24. BadDog: your new wheels are perfect w/ the silver car & black stripes. Love working shades of grey. If you didn't have the rocker stripes I would love to see graphite ghost stripes considered down center.
  25. I went with Tokico Illumina 5-way adjustable shocks, & Suspension Technique springs. The HP sways were already on it. Has an added bar on rear to stabilize torque.
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