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Australian Floods


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I would like to make mention of the terrible floods sweeping through Queensland, and down into New South Wales, Australia, with the loss of life and dozens of people missing.

My thoughts are with our neighbours across the Tasman Sea. There are some on this forum living in Queensland, and New South Wales.I hope you are safe.


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Queensland has certainly been walloped and Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales are also in the throes of flood threats.

In Western Australia Canarvon had its own serious flooding two weeks ago and is in the recovery phase. One weather station in the Kimberly recorded 650+ mils (26 inches) of rain over two days.

Drought, flood and fires have all been prominent news headlines in the past two weeks.

Volunteers and donations are starting to flow in. The military has been called on to provide the largest response to a natural disaster since cyclone Tracy in 1974.

Thinking of Ric at the moment who has been quiet - probably up to his neck volunteering his efforts towards the recovery. 1Bravo6 - how are you doing?

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Before anyone jumps on the global warming bandwagon, Brisbane has had bigger floods before. Problem is that residential developemnt has been allowed to expand in flood prone areas, housing developers 'donate' heavily to politicians for a reason. The flash floods that occurred elsewhere like in Toowoomba came on top of days of soaking rain, thats one reason why they rose so quickly and were so devestating. Some of the poor buggers caught in them had no chance :(

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The stories and videos are pretty incredible, it should get more press here in the northern hemisphere I think.


Before anyone jumps on the global warming bandwagon

Sounds like you'd have to jump off the 'global warming denier bandwagon' first. 2010 tied 2005 five as the warmest year in recorded history. Source: http://www.noaanews.noaa.gov/stories2011/20110112_globalstats.html

And the hottest 10 years on record in order?











That makes 2001-2010 the hottest decade on record as well.

With the data that is readily available and mounting everyday, it's amazing that people still deny global warming is occurring. :stupid: & :cry:



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With the data that is readily available and mounting everyday, it's amazing that people still deny global warming is occurring. :stupid: & :cry:

Global warming, as well as global cooling has been happening for millions of years - thousands of cycles. The sun goes through cycles and, as a result, so does the temperature and weather patterns on our little rock.

Let's not turn a thread about how a natural and tragic event has impacted people who can do little about the situation.

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G'Day there Dave,

Thanks for the kind thought mate but here in Yeppoon It was, Flood? .... What Flood ??.

Seriously though, while Rockhampton was cut off South and West, the roads North and East to Yeppoon remained open.

Would you believe, just when the water had fully receded, Rockhampton suffered a heavy downpour yesterday which caused some miner flooding in the lower areas.

I've always found that a little light hearted humour can be beneficial in times like these so, ... I attach a pic of the latest fashion in ladies footwear.

Popular accessories are snorkle and mask.



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So how long before every out of work carpenter in the states is on a tramp streamer heading down under. The rebuilding effort no doubt will be monumental.

What did I read...80% of Queensland under water?

You would not be out of work in AU thats for sure. Tradesmen aka tradies here can do quite well for themselves although that as usual depends on the individual.

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Good to hear you are well Rick and that the essential sense of humour remains intact.

There will hardly be an Australian who is not affected in one way or another by the current range of adverse environmental events across Australia.

I cannot imagine that there will be enough manpower in Australia to meet the demands of the recovery over the current projections that already mention five years as a realistic period. There are already calls being made to allow a relaxation of visa requirements for specialist workers to come to Australia.

Interesting to note that the Queensland Premier Anna Bligh is really publicly showing our national leader, Prime Minister Julia Gillard, how to be a leader in these circumstances. Premier Bligh is demonstrating a fantastic presence and authority and seems to be just what Queensland needs at this moment.

In the meantime, Victorian towns at this minute are at the peak of their own floodwaters.

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Premier Bligh is a PITA, its her party's govmint that has allowed high density residential development in flood prone areas, has failed to build more dams and implement other flood minimumisation measures.It just goes to show the power of TV if people elsewhere think she is good, style over substance as usual.

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Here is incontrivertable photographic proof that Australian train drivers are the best in the world, due to their vigorous training and extremely tough driver testing course designed to test their abilities to the fullest.

The driver testing course;






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