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Fuel system (the whole enchilata)


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Not so much a question as an observation from other members I was wanting.

I have a 1973 240Z. We are putting an '81 L28 into her, running dual Weber DGV carbs. Now from talking with a multitude of people on the internet I have come to understand the the '73 originally had two, count them, two fuel pumps; a muchanical and a manual. This was due to the flat-top Hitachi carbs that were prone to vapor lock. My new engine uses the P79 head, therefore it does not have the eccentric for the manual fuel pump on either the head housing or the cam itself. I have therefore decised that since the '73 has a backup electric fuel pump back by the tank to use it's wiring and mount a nice aftermarket pump there.

My choice was a Carter. It has 6.5psi and puts out a mild 72 gallons per hour. This will (hopefully) keep the bowels from drying up in my carbs. But now I have to fix the psi problem I created. So I got a dial-type fuel pressure regualtor and a Moroso fuel pressure guage to mount in front of the carbs to set the psi and monitor it. I have been told with my Webers I needs around 4 - 4.5 psi. Is this correct?

Do any of you see any problems with this or have any suggestions?


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