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1971 chopped z

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This car has had the windshield and window frames lowered, and the roof line bent to follow the front down?

What was done is certainly interesting, and actually cutting a four inch(?) section horizontal section and leaning back the windshileld(it being cut to fit) would be a serious undertaking (not that this wasn't) would result in a better looking car-though filling the gap between the cowl and the windshield would go a long way in cleaning it up.

Some one spent some time and energy for a dramatic result! Doing it this way did lower the roofline while still keeping all of the ques in the right location and avoid moving/changing all of the corners-looks like the quickest way to do it-A for effort!

Gotta say the early console customization is pretty cool-fitting a Carputer?

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well it was on the way to the crusher when i found it....

it started as a fix the battery tray rust

got carried away

left the windshield & headliner original, mint and in place during process. :)

nobody would try to cut glass for me, said it might take 2-3 windshields to get it right... or I found someone and gotta bring it 600 miles ....and leave it for a week ...and if it gets broke later, i gotta do the whole thing all over again.

estimates for a windshield plus my time included

$500-$1500 bla bla bla .

just for the windshield (or two or three) to be cut!

and the whole time im standin there with this sawzall and a welder.

why do it this way.....cheaper & easier maybe?

I wasnt sure about the cowl gap except i can work in hidden wipers now.

yup removed a strip of metal from under the windshield.

dropped it into the cowl 5"

slits from rear side windows towards the rear .

sides and front cut free, left the roof/hatch connected when dropped.

A-pillars now drop into the inside of the doors/ doors needed re-working.

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WOW...I THOUGHT OF DOING THIS TO 1 OF MY Zs in the 90s and never did it. and never seen it til now. I STILL WANT IT!!! if i go the same route or not...i want it. cool look. finish it or sell it to me LOL.

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