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Sorry Blue 72, the fusible link cover is a white plastic thing that pops off. I don't even see it on his 260 in the picture, maybe its behind his hand.

That is a relay he's pointing to, looks like a horn relay but the "Real" one is under the dash and wires aren't the right color.. Follow those wires both ways and see where they go. Looks like a custom job for something non-stock. Gotta love a mystery.


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The location is generally correct for the early 260Z Seatbelt Interlock system relay. But the relay looks different than mine. Mine is mounted vertically with all of the wires on the bottom.

The wire colors look to be different also. But it could be an later model or not even the SBI system.

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You can figure out your build date by

1. Looking at the plate inside the driver's side door frame.

2. (if your door plate is missing) Posting your VIN and asking people for an idea of the build date.

I agree with what OldHemi wrote. Please also post the wire colors. That can help with tracking down the function.

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You're right, all of the Z's I've seen have a plastic cover for the fusible link box and the box pictured looks to have a crimped shut metal cover. My mistake. Plus, the fusible link box only has four wires attached to it. It just looked so close to what's in the FSM (I'll provide a side by side pic from the '74 FSM to show how I got confused). The last '77 I disassembled had the fusible links mounted on a bracket near the p-side strut tower.

Heating and A/C controls? Nah, they're inside the cabin. Wiper relay? unlikely, it's on the other side of the engine bay and has too many connections. Horn relay? nah, only 3 wires. A/T kickdown solenoid? only two wires apparently. Ignition interlock? maybe, but it's not shown as being mounted there in the FSM's, in fact, nothing is shown mounted in that spot.

I hate to throw out guesses, but my next best idea is fuel pump relay. I'm just not sure where those are mounted on an early 280Z or late 260Z.


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