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1978 Carpet Kit - who's got the best one?


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Yup, I searched the threads and found a lot of discussion but not many facts. Of those with 1978 Zs who replaced their carpet, what vendor would you recommend and why? Thanks in advance . . .

Jeffrey Woodard

I got a kit from Datsun Spirit that was just awesome, by far the best. It went in exactly like the original. The fit and quality was there. Eiji at Datsun Spirit was great. The kit comes from Japan so it takes some time to get but is worth the wait. We did the intall on a 1978.

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cut looks more modern but loop is best, lasts longer and is original. I was going to replace mine but looked at my original loop carpet closely and now I plan on removing it extracting it and dying black with sem just to refresh it. saving $$$.

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Do not forget Chester & Herod - discussed at


I am certain they could make a high quality kit for the 280Z.


chester & herod are great, I talked to them not long ago, it seems the best deal is to go with them: loop custum cut, molded cut pile cost more from them but there loop sounded like the best route and what they recomended.

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