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Fuel tank questions


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Hey guys Iam soon reinstalling my fuel tank and I need to know which lines can be eliminated from the tank and inside of the car . Alot are rotted and old and really dont want all the lines inside the car. If someone could put a pic up and maybe put color marks on the ones I dont need that would be awsome.

Also if I can eliminate the big thing on the inside looks like some kind of venting setup that would be great too as I want to run my amps on each side .

If i dont make sense tell me and I will try to explain better but doubtful LOL.

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I just dropped my tank and had it boiled/sealed and replaced all of those lines with generic stuff from the hardware store. It's a bit of a pain in the arse to replace them all but definitely doable. I wouldn't recommend removing the vent lines or the vent tank ('big thing' inside the hatch) because the car has a sealed gas cap and the tank needs to vent.

There was recently a post on here or another forum (I'm having trouble finding it) where a member removed all their vent lines and the tank ended up collapsing on itself do to internal pressure. Even though our tanks are small, they have a large surface area and it wouldn't take much for that to happen.

If anyone else can recall where that post is, I'm sure it would be helpful info.

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Lots of people here who have eliminated the evap tank and most of the hoses inside the car. It can be done without eliminating the vent. Look in the Tech articles on this site, I think there are at least one or two write-ups on this there.

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Early HS30's had only one vent from the tank to the filler hose. It is there to provide a means for the air in the tank to vent out when fuel displaces it. So I guess you can reduce it to only this if you need to.

Just make sure you use fuel rated hose as the fuel vapour eats rubber. Plus with hard cornering I'd guess that fuel would enter some portion of the vent hose. It has a 90 degree bend to get past first but if it can, it will.

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