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Quick Pic: Honda 1300, Air Cooled Coolness


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03-17-2010 01:50 AM

The cooling fins of the 1969 Honda 1300cc motor are a work of art. Not only does wind flow over these airfoils, but through them as well. Much like the way coolant* is funneled through passages in a normal engine, Honda’s Duo Dyna Air Cooling system used a crank-driven rotor to force cold air through [...]


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I knew a guy, back in the mid 70's, who owned an early 70's Honda Civic. (A 71 or 73?) I remember it having an air cooled 2 cylinder engine, but then I was only like 15 at the time so I could be wrong.

I also remember three or four people picking it up and moving it around. (it might have been 5 or 6...) It seems like that was a popular activity in this part of the country back in that era, to pick up someone's light weight imported car and put it somewhere so that they couldn't possibly drive it out.

Don't try that with anything on the road today unless you can safely lift 1/4 ton.

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