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First Z... 1975 Datsun 280z

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I have been searching for a new fun car, have always loved Datsuns but hard to find good ones out here in Indiana. I was looking at some 240sxs as they are a dime a dozen but luckily I spotted this over the weekend in Chicago and just had to buy it (hope I don't regret it).

Its a 1975 Datsun 280z. The body was very clean, almost no rust on it, the floor boards are solid, as well as the trunk floor and strut towers (typical rust places I check). I was more worried about rust than anything. The car started right up, but smoked a little. I have never worked on one of these... so I will be learning about them quickly!

The interior isn't complete. Missing carpet and some dash items. Looks like parts from a few different cars inside. I am guessing a project someone didn't complete. I am in Northwest Indiana and new to the area so looking for a shop that might be Datsun friendly to do some of the heavier projects I won't be able to do in my garage.

I have been a Nissan guy my whole life... Stanza, NX2000, couple sentras, a SpecV, and daily drive an Altima. So now going back in time a little to get this one and very excited about it.

So now where do I start on it...





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Good looking car, I like the color. Looks like it has a 77 hood, the front bumper has been pushed in on the drivers side, you might have to get a new shock for the bumper. Search on the forum for the carpet, lots of places that sell it. Good luck and have fun fixing it.

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Great find keep us posted on your car. I like the seats I think you finish the interior it will look sharp. Get the factory manuals on CD they can help, and post questions you will get it running great in no time. The 240-280z are fairly simple cars that are not that hard to work on as soon as you learn some basics with them.

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