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weird, very weird problem


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I have a 76 280z with a strange problem.

All stock.

It's a 4 speed manual but I can start the car just by turning the ignition. I don't even have to press the clutch.

I recently had the master, slave clutch cylinder and the alternator replaced.

I noticed the problem after installing the new alternator.

Anyone know what the problem is?

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Perhaps I am mis-reading your question, but I don't need to press in the clutch to start my '79-found that out accidentally (good thing it was in neutral).

More modern vehicles are set up to require the clutch to be depressed as a safety feature.

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The car companies didn't start putting clutch pedal interlock switches on manual cars until sometime in the late 1980's. I believe it was about the same time that companies first installed the annoying shift interlocks on cars with automatic transmissions that force you to have your foot on the brake pedal in order to get the car out of park.

All of that was in response to the infamous Audi 5000 "unintended acceleration" problem that nearly drove Audi completely out of the U.S. market.

(At one time they had huge sales here, but the UA problem ended that in short order.)

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