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240Z Dealer Service Toolbox


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For the Z aficianado, here's a pretty neat piece of memorabilia. No tools, just the toolbox - here's the seller description from craigslist:

"I've got a factory tool box for the factory tools for an early Datsun 240Z. This is the real Nissan case that had the tools in it for the dealers.

Sorry but no tools, I only have the case.

This would be cool for a 240z person.

Email your phone number if interested."

And the link:


Does anyone have one of these? How about with the tools?

Gary S.



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Here is what the tool boxes looked like new. There is also a publication about the toolboxes, but I don't have one. Both of my boxes are missing the tray. One box is the original 'Nissalco' silver. It has a a mylar decal on the inside lid that describes the contents. The other box was repainted black at some time but has a metal contents label inside the lid. It is not the same dimension either.





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OK 5 Year old Thread brought back to life because other info on this tool box is not housed elsewhere.

Does anyone have the dimensions or a spare tool tray for the Silver Nissalco toolbox?

I would like to know dimensions of the spacers that hold the tools in place in the tray if at all possible.

Can someone show a picture of the tray out of the toolbox?

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Looks like the tool tray is missing on that one too. I just picked up a toolbox w/out tools and tool tray this week. I'll slowly refill it with the tools but was considering crafting my own tool tray because I have a feeling that that by itself will not be something that will pop up on craigslist or ebay. I honestly was unaware of the tool box until this week. It will give me a new scavenger hunt to work towards. Once it is delivered I think I can track down the tools and still keep the cost under what this seller is asking. But I won't know for sure until I get the box and take time plotting out each tool.

Dave our paths cross again. The floormat cleaned up like new. Going to wait for warmer weather until I fit it to the footrest because warm rubber is my pliable then hard frozen rubber that tends to want to crack.

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