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Missing Rear Anti Roll Bar

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I have a production date 5/73 240Z. I just had the car up in the air today to change the differential oil and noticed that there is no rear anti roll bar installed. I see the brackets on either side of the frame but no bar. Was the rear sway bar an option? Can anyone think of a reason as to why this would have been removed. There is a sway bar on the front.

I would like to install a rear sway bar but, before I do, I'm wondering if anyone can chime in with any guesses as to why my bar was removed (or if it was even ever there when the car left the factory).

If it turns out that I need one, does anyone know of place that just sells the rear sway bar? MSA only sells them in front and rear sets.



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Later '73s had the mounts on the body, but the bar itself wasn't standard in the US until the '74 260Z. So I would not have expected to see a bar there on your car. I know that beandip added a 260Z rear bar to his '73, so that's easy, once you locate the bar itself. I don't think the 280Z rear bars are interchangeable.

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Energy Suspension might as well. I know they sell the rear bar that mounts to the legs behind the diff.

BTW, your rear bar might have been removed because the PO thought it handled better.

We run w/o a rear bar in the 240 race car but have them in our street 240s.

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